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How Many Money Making Websites Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by Rube, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Jellyfish

    Jellyfish Affiliate affiliate

    I have three methods and different sites for each method. Have to say that it did cost a lot of time to find projects that are really worth the effort but finally I am in the comfortable position to be staisfied with what I have.

    For me it is writing, reviewing and online surveys. And i like this way to live and to earn money. It's freedom.
  2. AdCombo
  3. OniBlackMage

    OniBlackMage Affiliate affiliate

    Its always good business sense to have multiple income streams, of any size. Time is money after all. I personally handle my own online business, but I also do online reselling on the side, and I do Postloop, Microworkers, and MTurk in the spare time around that. I used to do surveys, especially the research surveys that really paid well, but those are less common these days. Every little bit helps, and only when you diversify can you see which options are more worth your investment of skill and/or time.
  4. Raivyn

    Raivyn Affiliate affiliate


    I was using survey sites for awhile, but I really got tired of answering what kind of dish soap I use or how many boxes of cereal my family eats per week, etc. I quit that early on after 1 cashout from the site I was using. Don't get me wrong, surveys can be a great way to earn a few extra bucks but I got bored of it rather quickly.
  5. SwagBear

    SwagBear Affiliate affiliate


    Yeah, I should do that. I'm not on many different ones, so if the site goes down, I literally have no other ways of making money. I mean, I know a few other sites, but I don't use them.
  6. shellyann36

    shellyann36 Affiliate affiliate

    I have several sites that I work. I have about 31 sites now that range from PTC, blog, search and surveys. I try to stick with my highest earners such as Bubblews, SwagBucks and a few others. If they bring in the most cash I try to concentrate on them but I also try not to let my other accounts sit idle for too long. So many places these days will take your bank roll away if you don't log into their systems within a certain amount of time. I always say its best not to have all of your eggs in one basket so I work as many sites as I can as long as they do pay.
  7. Nixon Marcion

    Nixon Marcion Affiliate affiliate


    How is Microworkers turning out for you? I am interested in this program but I am not sure if it is really worth the time and energy.
  8. polybus

    polybus Affiliate affiliate

    I diversify and have 5 or 6 sites on the go at any time, plus my own blog. I do this partly to have more than one source of income, but also because I get bored of just one way to work online (GPT, PTC, article writing etc.). I try to budget my time well and spend more time on sites that pay better, but I am always trying to find that new site that will be even better than all the rest.
  9. Trista

    Trista Affiliate affiliate

    There's a fine line between diversifying and having multiple income streams versus being burned out from trying to be involved in too many ventures all at once. I know from experience that getting overextended backfires and you get very little return for the time spent.

    It's a matter of prioritizing the day. Work on your most profitable ventures first and later on other, smaller income sources as you have time. It's the strategy I follow as I focus on blogging -- to earn money both from advertising and affiliate marketing -- and to a much lesser extent on a couple of fast cash options.
  10. BigJ

    BigJ Affiliate affiliate

    I'd be interested in hearing how many sites people are earning passive income from referrals. Anybody willing to share?
  11. caparica007

    caparica007 Affiliate affiliate

    I am using over 10 sites, mostly writing, answering surveys and listening to music. I make nothing from passive income BigJ.
  12. calebmelvern

    calebmelvern Affiliate affiliate

    I use so many I couldn't keep count. But of all the money making sites I use, I visit only around five religiously. These are my most successful online ventures (excluding my own sites).
  13. charleskay

    charleskay Affiliate affiliate

    Personally, I PTC sites like Clixsense. I also use Micro jobs sites like fiverr. I also use affiliate marketing sites like CJ. I also use article writing sites like helium.!
  14. gadgetised

    gadgetised Guest

    I only use one that I have found. However, it doesn't compare to the money you could be making with Adsense. This is my main source of revenue for my website.
  15. terryse

    terryse Affiliate affiliate

    I am an Adsense publisher but not so active on adding new contents to my sites nowadays as my adsense income is comparable to PTC sites unlike before. Lately, i am into forum posting, answering surveys, transcription, and research.
  16. arsalan86

    arsalan86 Affiliate affiliate

    Basically i am working with odesk. And i have an website for make money. Just use my website on Ad-sense and make money. thanks
  17. mauriciogordon847

    mauriciogordon847 Affiliate affiliate

    It depends and commonly it is $1 per day.
  18. fpforum

    fpforum Affiliate affiliate

    It's not a bad idea to diversify, just don't go too crazy. I prefer to keep it around a half dozen money sites, but focus on making the most out of each!
  19. Kelly

    Kelly Affiliate affiliate

    Quantity is not a quality. It's better to use 2 or 3 high converting and good paying affiliate programs instead of 10 bad ones (if we're talking about affiliate marketing).