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How does one market a facebook viral app made for cpa marketing?

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by greg_house, May 1, 2013.

  1. greg_house

    greg_house Affiliate affiliate

    I'm a web developer and have been working for a few guys who are into cpa marketing.

    They are making $thousands out of this app, where as, I have just sold one copy of the script to them!
    So it feels like the worth of this script is much more than i first thought [btw I'm just a developer! I have no idea, whatsoever, about the cpa scene]

    So, i was wondering what would be some good strategies to market the script.. any feedback is appreciated :)

    The features of the script include:
    -Can Create Any number of facebook apps and rotate them to avoid banning and keeping spam less.
    -Easy to use App Designing console, to give a clean and nice landing page to the app in order to attract more people!
    -Redirect to website/cpa landing page. Just add your link and you're ready to go!
    -Send notifications to user [Anytime]. Get your users back to your app and engage their friends too!
    -Send app request and reminders [Anytime]
    -Post comments to users feed stories/posts. Spread the word out on facebook [It's upto you whether you wanna spam or keep it clean]
    -Customizable panel to adjust how many comments to post per user
    -Post to groups the user is a member of.
    -Customizable panel to adjust how many groups to post per user
    -randomization of messages for comments/groups/status/notification/request,etc to avoid banning of app
    and still remain viral!
    -On demand app users status update, Wall post, Post to group, Home feed Comment, Facebook Notifications,App request etc
    -Bulk Emailer- Mail App users to their collected email.
    -Open cpa/website/Fanpage link directly inside facebook [iframe]
    -Extremely viral and tested
    -html contents/widgets
    -Export User data in CSV format.
    -Export Page data in CSV format.
    -Scheduling posts/comments/group posts/status update/notifications and cron jobs
  2. newbidder
  3. Richard Eley

    Richard Eley Affiliate affiliate

    A good idea would be to give 1 or 2 copies away to members with good standing to leave honest reviews. (that's not a hint to give me a copy as I have only just joined) If its as good as you feel it is with the added reviews sales should then be easy. What sort of price are you selling the app for?
  4. gerira

    gerira Affiliate affiliate

    It sounds like a great app. How much are you selling it for?
  5. greg_house

    greg_house Affiliate affiliate

    was selling it for $400
    This one is old now.. got a few deals through which i was able to get more clients, made a new app with more features (features/methods/tricks requested by the users and tested by them ) and an easy to use interface.
  6. Roundhouse

    Roundhouse Affiliate affiliate

    I will be willing to test out your product and provide honest feedback
  7. eboler

    eboler Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Greg,

    I was just going to mention all the changes Facebook has made since May 2013 would make that one old by now. Go to ogapp dot com and that will give you some insight into Open Graph Apss and whether you are able to develop an app that Facebook will approve for use on the Open Graph. There are official Facebook videos on the 2 apps shown at top of that page. These informational apps have no hidden affiliate links or anything for sale.

    The purpose of an open graph app is to help users tell their story through using the app with their friends. Open Graph enabled apps are approved for publishing to the users wall and newsfeed based on the activity they generate by using the app. Needless to say, the first objective has to be entertainment or something useful for the users.

    The most popular and useful apps get the most free distribution through all Facebook channels. Affiliate links are not allowed but the users of your app will see every post you make on your apps page, you can send email offers, run promotional contests, post coupon specials, and get alot of free referral traffic driven back to your app as your user base increases with time.

    Let me know if you can figure out how to develop an open graph enabled app, somethng like a game that keeps score would work really well. If you can, then I can cover the marketing with professional 6-figure launch but we'll get into that once you get the app developed, tested and then have some conversion rates to attract affiliates. That should be easy because this will definitely be a high ticket product - no other marketer has Facebook approved apps. They use wording that implies they do but none of them are approved for the open graph.
  8. jamesr

    jamesr Affiliate affiliate

    This sounds a lot like Social Monster, but in a web-based app..?




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