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How do I get traffic to my blog?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by WishBone, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. WishBone

    WishBone Affiliate affiliate


    I know there are lots of eBooks, threads and tutorials on traffic generation and I've read a lot of them. What I want is straight to the point answers regarding my blog and hopefully, some help performing them.

    My blog offers legitimate cheats for a game. I've had conversions when this was new but that was only when I spammed a forum. It was quite tiresome and it got annoying to me as well. Now, the blog is pretty much dead. Here's two questions I would like answered.

    1. How can I do a Like(Page) + Share before they can download my files? I'm using WP.
    2. How can I start generating traffic before I do the like+share thing?
  2. terraleads
  3. Angelman

    Angelman Affiliate affiliate

    So many ways to generate traffic - I presume you are referring to free/cheap methods. You need to play the SEO game and that means getting backlinks, but things have changed a lot lately - spammy links might not cut it any more when it comes to getting Google rankings. But let's worry about that later!

    My first suggestion would be to make sure you have the on-page SEO basics covered. If you are using Wordpress are you using an SEO plugin? I suggest either Yoast or All In One SEO. This will tell you straight up whether you have your target keywords in all the right places on your pages and posts. Let me backtrack a little - have you identified specific keywords the you wish to rank for? Have you checked out the search volume and competition for those keywords? You can use Google Keyword Tool for that.

    So, you have identified your main keywords and phrases, you have some good, original content and articles on your site and have made sure your target keywords appear in all the right places on your site (use the SEO plugins for this)... it's at that point that you start to think about off-site SEO tactics, and that means backlinks. There's loads of info out there about backlinks and you are better off researching it for yourself because you will want the very latest information on what is working right now in mid-2012.

    As I suggested above, do a review of your blog and get the on-site SEO stuff sorted out first. It's amazing how easy it is to overlook on-page aspects of a site, but many people do it, myself included. You have to put your site in the very best position it can be in to get ranked and get traffic. I'll leave it there for now. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  4. GMT

    GMT Affiliate affiliate

    One of the best ways is to find blogs similar to yours and leave quality comments on them with backlink to your site. This will help its ranking in google as well as get targeted traffic possibly, directly from said blogs. Post your blog in forum signatures and on facebook, and anywhere where there's people and you're allowed works too.
  5. April

    April Affiliate affiliate

    What GMT mentioned is true. I've read from an article that social media networks could also help in getting some traffic to your site. So if you'll also post your blog to facebook, twitter and others, you'll likely to have a larger number of viewers.
  6. sierner5701

    sierner5701 Affiliate affiliate

    SEO really does make a difference and bloggers who learn the basics can see significant increases in traffic. It is well worth investing time into learning it.Earning the basics of SEO is important as a blogger. One of the great things about blogs is how much the search engines love them. While most blog platforms these days come fairly well optimized for Google there are always tweaks that can be made.
  7. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    Promoting a blog is one of the easiest things you can do. The reason is that much of it can be automated.

    Here's how I would promote your blog:

    1. Submit to the blog/RSS directories. It takes a little while, but it will be worth it. Do a search in the search engines for the Top 55 RSS directories. The first entry will give you the most up to date list of directories to submit your blog.

    If your blog generates a podcast, then you'll want to get Robin Good's list of top podcast directories and submit there.

    Update your ping list. Go into your wordpress and under settings, go to writing. You will find the ping list there. Add the ping services you will be using. If you want my list, PM me, and I'll give it to you unless the moderator says it's ok to post it here. It's rather long, but it saves time in submitting to directories.

    3. Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing. This will also take care of Yahoo, and that's 80% of your search engine traffic. It will also help you get in Google blog search.

    4. For blog comments you can use Comment Kahuna.com (commentkahuna.com) This is free software you can use to help you find blogs to comment on. It includes Comment Luv blogs, as well as do follow, etc. Best software I have found for doing blog comments.

    5. Put a feedburner subscription box on your site and build a list of subscribers. This recycles your traffic.

    6. Wordpress plugins you can use: All In One SEO, {SNAP} Social Network Autoposter. Browse the wordpress site to help you find plugins. EzineArticles.com even has a plugin. You could post your articles to your blog and then have them go to their site when they're posted. Will save you about $97 a month.

    That should keep you busy for awhile. If you have questions, please ask.

    The key here is that if your blog is your main way of promoting your business, you want to connect with other bloggers. Guest blog for those in your field, as well as having them guest blog for you.
  8. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    As for doing contests, you may want to try Raffle Copter. That can help you automate a lot of the work, and it's free. I tried to find something similar to Twiveway, but I'm stumped. There is a wordpress plugin you may be able to use to help you do something to improve your traffic. It's called: Like To Keep Reading. Seems to me you should be able to set this up to where they have to like your page your giveaway item is on before downloading your item. Hope this helps.
  9. shreevenkatesh

    shreevenkatesh Affiliate affiliate

    There are 8 ways to get traffic to blog .

    (1) Organic Search

    (2) External Links

    (3) PPC advertising

    (4) Affiliate Traffic

    (5) Paid banner advertising

    (6) Offline efforts

    (7) Content

    (8) E-mail newsletter
  10. Alexhudson

    Alexhudson Affiliate affiliate

    There are really so much ways of gaining huge amount of traffic. You may place your company's link or your business website design service site's link at social media page onto which lots of traffic can visibly be seen.
  11. strikefreedom

    strikefreedom Affiliate affiliate

    3 free traffic sources in my blog
    google Alert
    Yahoo answer

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