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How did you get into affiliate marketing?

I learned of affiliate marketing through:

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At least I think that's what finally did it. I started out working at home as a medical transcriptionist, but took a website design class in college and suddenly had people asking me to do sites for them. So I started doing website design but I started seeing things about affiliate marketing. At the same time, I was getting all kinds of questions about how to get into medical transcription, so I made a site about that on Tripod, which inspired my main site, and things just kept going.


back in 1995, their was a lot of buzz about this new way of getting together called IRCa lot of BBS owners were maiking the transition... there was also this thing called the wide wide web or WWW where you could get all sorts of information from all over the world...

Being that i'm an information junkie... i thought cool how do I get acces to it...
so i did my home work found a way onto the WWW thorugh my local college viaa friends account...

I imediately saw the potential for ecommerce.. so i studied and worked on figuring out how and what I was going to do... 2 years later I launched my first website using PPC made a nice pile of money out the gate... once i recieved my first check I was hooked...

10 years later I've got 100's of niche websites... my wife thinks I crazy as a gooni bird, no one understands what i do to earn a living... and I like it that way..

everytime I tell someone I have an internet business they want to know what I sell and where I wharehouse it.... :rotflol:

I try to explain how it works... but they just dont get it!


James Nardell

A friend of mine was telling me about this thing called internet marketing he had just found out about. This was around 2 years ago.

I've now got 2 affiliate websites, and I work for AMWSO as an affiliate manager.

Glad i listened to my friend as at first i thought he was talking nonsense and it all sounded like some sort of MLM scam from the way he phrased it all...

Funny how things work out....



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Back in 1997 I left Geocities for hosting and joined the CommonWealthNetwork (now dead) and became hooked as soon as I got my first nice check. Been addicted ever since.


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how did you get into affilaite marketing?

My employer interduced me to Affiliate marketing. I went from a sales position to affilaite manager. I am pretty new to it so hope I do well.


How I got into it

I just submitted my vote and saw the survey results :) Not too bad, at least some were also brought here by their employers. In fact, I still do not quite understand this; our program has been quite successful in my opinion. :eek:


I've had a bunch of domain names, sold a few and couldn't get rid of the others. Someone on afternic domain chat (when it was still open) asked me how much type-in they were getting. When I found out how to check it out, I realized that some of them were getting 100+/day which started growing once I placed sites on them and optimized. So basically, it started falling into place. I've been out of the game for a while, but getting back into it now :)


Thank you so much, Linda.
I've been having a bunch of questions and they will come to me in time. Glad to be somewhere where the experts hang out :)


I started in a roundabout way - I was working for LookSmart as an editor on the MSN directories + their open directory project, and gradually learned more and more about Internet marketing.

I started at Ecom Access in March 2005, and immersed myself in the retail affiliate world with our Share Results affiliate network.

I truly believe the partner model is the future of marketing. We're relative newbies, but we've been growing at a phenomenal rate the last few months, attracting merchants AND affiliates with our top-notch reporting and tracking software, anti-parasite and anti-spyware commitment and the just the general quality of the team we've assembled.

Eventually my friends and family will figure out what it is I do! Until then, it's fun knowing we're so far ahead...

Email me anytime,


MY way of getting into Online Marketing... isnt part of the poll...

Nothing fancy... just kinda stumbled into it... I was / am self-employed with a brick and mortor business... in 1993-94 I was involved with the local bullentin boards...

I started to hear a lot of buz about this "world wide web" thing... and how we were going to be able to expand our circle of friends and chat mates to a world wide arena...

At the first opportunity I signed up for internet access.... back then there was only a few 1000 websites... what a difference time makes...

I instantly saw the potential for $$$

It took me a couple of years to figure out I could leverage this new medium.. what can I say I am a not techie... I was a finish carpenter in my day job...


Learning about Affiliates

A lot of testing to learn the lesson of affiliates.:cool: The toolbar has the best information you need to become affiliates.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)