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Hot Links - Random Affiliate Tips & Tricks

Linda Buquet

Here are links to some good articles, industry news, tips and tricks. Topics include CJ for Sale Rumors, several really good WordPress Tips for Blogging Affiliates, New Amazon Affiliate tools and more.

<strong>CJ for Sale Rumors</strong>

<a target="_new" href="">Speculations on ValueClick, Why It Might Sell CJ, and Who Might Buy CJ - ReveNews - Beth Kirsch</a>

<a target="_new" href="">My thoughts on the ?CJ on sale? rumour</a>

<strong>Blogging Affiliates WordPress Tips</strong>

<a target="_new" href="">18 WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers ? The Affiliate Marketing Blog</a>

<a target="_new" href="">Blogs as Product Comparison Sites</a>
<a target="_new" href="">
The Poor Man?s eBay RSS to WordPress Hack ? The Affiliate Marketing Blog</a>

<strong>Amazon Affiliate News</strong>

<a target="_new" href="">Amazon adds features to aStore</a>
<a target="_new" href="">
Amazon launches Product Preview to Associates</a>

<strong>Good Article for Affiliates Just Getting Started</strong>
<a target="_new" href="">'Ten Ways To Make The Most Out Of An Affiliate Program' </a>

Let me know if any of these tips or articles helped you out or if you have questions about anything listed above.

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blogs. phfff!

obviously i am biased because i sell a solution along these lines, but i fail to see the usefulness of blogs as product comparison vehicles. they just aren't designed for this.