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Holiday Buying co-op - Commission Exchange

Linda Buquet

Everyone on this forum will be buying Christmas presents -
hopefully lots of you will be shopping online.

So let's have members buy from each other and use each other's links! :)

You can't all be affiliate for every store you plan to buy from
PLUS some affiliate programs don't allow you to buy from your own link.
So if you plan on buying from an online store this month, post the store you
plan to purchase from and ask if anyone has an affiliate link.

What goes around, comes around.
If you buy from someone's link, someone else may buy from yours.

Just use the format and rules I am using in my request below.
List the store you want a link from and use the link of the 1st affiliate that PMs you a link. Then post the nickname of the person whos link you are using so others know that link request was filled.

NO NOT POST affiliate links in the thread. Only give to the requester by PM. Once the request is filled please don't PM anyone links.

(I may have more.)

PersonalCreations Affiliate? Who Wants My Commission??? has some REALLY cool Christmas gifts.

I see several presents I'm planning to buy for family gifts.

Anyone here an affiliate? :confused:

1st affiliate to PM me their affiliate link gets my sales. :p
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Linda Buquet

Oregon Coast Guy got it!

I will let him know by PM after I order and give him the
order date and total amount so he can track it to be sure he gets commission.

Anyone else need a link?
Please post your request below, following the instructions in post #1.

Happy shopping - Happy selling - Happy earning!

Linda Buquet

Stupid merchants!

One of the reasons I suggested doing this is, it's a way to place test orders to see if things ttrack.
Its also a good lesson to learn how NOT to do things sometimes if you ever become a merchant.

It can also be a good lesson about LEAKS so we can warn affiliates!

1) I go to try to buy my 1st present and there is NO WAY I can figure out to get it in my cart!!! At 1st I thought it was a Firefox issue.
NOPE, same thing in IE. No buy now button no add to cart button.
Now maybe I'm stupid or maybe I missed it, or maybe you have to set up an account before you can add to cart.


2) The only option I can find to buy this thing right now is the
BILL ME LATER option. Hmmm wonder if that option passes the affiliate tracking??? Why would they only offer me that as a way to buy??? There has to be a cost. This is just stupid AND probably a commission leak to boot!

3) A popup keeps flying over the screen getting in my way as I try to shop.
10% off - click here to find out more. What happens when you click to get discount? LIVE PERSON. Bet you money the sale won't track if they help close it.

Sheesh. Bah humbug. Burnt out on Christmas shopping and haven't even gotten started!

Oh duh, I see now it's out of stock thats why I couldnt put in cart. But I had to talk to LivePerson to figure it out and she does not know if the coupon code will wipe out the affiliate cookie.

Linda Buquet

Finally today got my order placed today
and ordered several things for around 130.

Even though I used the LivePerson discount code it still tracked
and Oregon Coast Guy got credited. Good to know PC doesn't kill the cookie if people talk to liveperson and get a discount.