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Selling High Quality PPV Landing Page Design & Code - All networks!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by getlandersgetpaid, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. getlandersgetpaid

    getlandersgetpaid Affiliate affiliate

    PPV Landing Page Design To Help You Increase Your Click Through & Conversion Rate:

    My names Chris and I joined the forums a couple of days ago, and I thought as a lot of you are into PPV, that it would be the ideal place to explain what I do.

    I come from a PHP development & Design background, and have been making PPV landers for the last three years.

    I produce them using HTML/CSS and add jQuery for added extras like countdown timers, GEO targetting, flashing buttons and whatnot. Basically, anything you want to happen on the page, I got it covered.

    I can create ANY style of lander, from simple text only landers that look like coupons, to detailed professional looking landers tailored to specific offers.








    (You can get this one for FREE here)



    Premade Landers - $9.99 each, or buy all of the ones I have available for just $79. Thats a saving of over $120!
    Premade Landing Pages | Getlandersgetpaid

    Custom Landers - $79 each (You own exclusivity, and all PSD files)
    These are tailored to your exact requirements, and can include such functionality as GEO targetting, Countdown Timers & Flashing Call To Actions.
    ***Each Page comes with TWO FREE EXTRA variations of the original, for Split Testing ***

    Contact Info:

    I'm available on AIM most for most of the day, my username is getlanders, feel free to hit me up and ask me anything. I am also contactable via my site Professional PPV Landing Page Design | Getlandersgetpaid.

    I'm UK based so GMT timezones apply. Whilst this may mean that I go to bed before you do, it also means that I'll always have your stuff ready and in your inbox before you get up in the morning :) (Providing you're west of me!)


    You can buy the premades instantly from my site here : http://www.getlandersgetpaid.com/premade-landing-pages/

    Turnaround times for custom landers vary but they're never more than a few days max. Usually something like 1 or 2 days for the initial PSD, then 24 hours to code the lander up. Files are delivered into your inbox in the form of a download link to a ZIP file.

    Look forward to working with you!

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