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Offer Wanted High Paying Networks / Programs good for college students? Even for specific majors

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Delyte, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Delyte

    Delyte Affiliate affiliate

    My target demographic is college students, particularly undergraduate students who are usually a bit on the wealthier end of the spectrum and as focused on enjoying their college experience (e.g. partying, socializing, meeting men/women) as their studies, and offers that apply only to men and offers that apply only to women. Additionally, my traffic is extremely targeted and therefore a bit more expensive, so ideally offers that pay ~$30+ are going to be better.

    So far the only offer I'm excited about is:
    AffiliateOnTop.com | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix (applies to both men & women)

    however, I'm still deciding on networks to join, and just sort of want to learn what offers are out there. I looked at all the Affiliate Programs under Resources, and I bookmarked 13, but AffiliateOnTop was the only one I was really excited about. Some things I'm interested in getting offers for:

    • Weight Loss (for women)
    • Muscle Building (for men)
    • Acne Products (for both, but probably women primarily)
    • Cosmetics (for women)
    • Alcohol-related (for both)
    • Party / Costume Supply (for both, but seem mostly low paying)
    But there are probably loads more that would interest these students. Additionally I can target specific niches within undergraduates, such as business or engineering students, so offers that would be interesting only to certain majors are also welcome.

    I appreciate any offers / networks you guys can help inform me about!


    - Delyte
  2. Voluum
  3. TonyB

    TonyB Affiliate affiliate

    What type of traffic, geos and volumes do you run?
  4. Delyte

    Delyte Affiliate affiliate

    I plan on doing direct mail marketing to colleges around the USA, and can target specific cities within the US based on the offer and where it's popular. My budget is limited as I'm starting out, so volumes are limited, but I should hopefully be able to target around ~2500-3000 students per month via direct mail, and then follow-up via e-mail for those who opt-in, depending on the offer and recommendations of the merchant.
  5. Dempseymadden

    Dempseymadden Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey man
    This sounds like a perfect plan you have here, and i would love to help you achieve this.
    At Monsterads we definitely have you covered for this, with huge EPC potential with the right traffic.

    lets have a chat on skype and lets see if we can get you up and running live:dempsey.monsterads