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High CTR, Low cpc using Google Trends.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by FourthGearMedia, May 2, 2013.

  1. FourthGearMedia

    FourthGearMedia Affiliate affiliate

    High CTR, Low cpc using Google Trends

    PPC and Media

    In the world of PPC and Media Buying, it all comes down to paying the cheapest for your clicks and earning the most out your clicks. Cpc vs Epc. How do you optimize campaigns to get a high CTR which in return will lower my cpc. I'm going to share today the free tool I've been effectively using for months now to get some High CTRs and low cpcs. Ready ... Google Trends...

    Google Trends allows you to see whats trending in all demographics in any interval of time. You can see whats been trending in Germany for the Past 7 days on their Web Search, Whats been trending in Brazil in the past 90 days on their News Search, and even find out whats trending on their Image Search. I use Web Search the most it has proved to be most effective. I do broad searches of whats hot and try to work based of that, but if you have a "search term" you can go based off the search term and see how hot or how not it is. For those of you who haven't been using this site don't know what you're missing. I'm going to break down how I achieved 300% roi campign on UK Diet using Google Trends.

    Kate Middleton Trend.JPG

    Now around late September, early Octoberof 2012 there was a Kate M. Scandal going on where supposedly she had nude photo circling around the web. What does this mean for us internet marketers? Its time to capitalize. Every one will be searching Kate Middleton, and people will be more prone to click on ad with Kate Middleton's picture. So how do we capitalize? Create an Ad for the offer you're promoting and somehow incorporate the trend around your ad to increase CTR.

    *WARNING* BlackHat Material below...

    Kate Middleton Ads.JPG

    These are some of the Kate M ads that were ran during the trend unfortunately I don't have screenshots of how well they did, but CTRs on Eff Bee Ads were as high as .5% which resulted in me getting .15 cent clicks.

    Scrape you up a well converting Landing page which I'll add a guide on later and PROFIT...

    stats screenshot.JPG

    Epcs on the offer were really well and with a cpc as low as .15 you can't lose.
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  2. terraleads
  3. cpb333

    cpb333 Affiliate affiliate

    great guide!

    a question here - How long does the campaign stays profitable since it is base on a trend? as long as the trend is still hot?
  4. FourthGearMedia

    FourthGearMedia Affiliate affiliate

    This campaign actually stayed hot, as long as then trend and them some. But once its stale be prepared for cpcs to inflate. Rotate fresh images always tend to extend the length of the campaign.
  5. rockstarvipul

    rockstarvipul Affiliate affiliate

    Another great thread Derek. My question is how you figure out that your niche doesn't have a lot of competition ?

    Weight loss / Diet suplementals got huge competition , + you would need to cloaked landers. Using google trends , what could be the best type of offers you would suggest to promote?
  6. FourthGearMedia

    FourthGearMedia Affiliate affiliate

    A great spy tool well help you to see how much competition is live and how would that affect your campaign.

    As far as landers. ** Shameless Plug ** We host landers dynamically for affiliates with their offer id automatically plugged in. ;) . Sort of think outside if it's a trending female diet/skin should work well. Male you may be able to try male muscle /male enhancement. Use the celeb where it would see to make the most sense.
  7. _King_

    _King_ Affiliate affiliate

    That's an awesome method to get cheap clicks tbf.

    I got four questions for you OP

    1. Have you also used Adwords to run campaigns? (If yes, Did you used cloaker)
    2. Have you used an FB Cloaker for your campaigns?
    3. What kind of Landing pages work or You just use Direct links?
    4. Which network do you suggest for weight loss niches?
  8. FourthGearMedia

    FourthGearMedia Affiliate affiliate


    1. Yes I scaled the campaign to adwords & yes i used a cloaker got banned really fast was my first time cloaking adwords. They are much stricter and you need a solid plan of action.
    2. Yes I always use a FB Cloaker for my blackhat campaigns I have some whitehat campaigns that do fairly well 10 - 20% Roi.
    3. If you private message me I can get you some landers that have worked for me.
    4. My Network of course :D 4th Gear Media
  9. stephx

    stephx Affiliate affiliate

    Is this still a valid strategy in your opinion? Great Guide BTW

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