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Hi, I'm from Georgia, and does anybody really...........


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have the "Secret"?

I want to know what really works for no money, no time, but a lot of needs. I am a mother of two teenagers and my husband is working two jobs because he does what he loves and is underpaid being a public servant.

Does anybody really have "it"?

Linda Buquet

Hi rerepdad,

Welcome to 5 Star.

"I want to know what really works for no money, no time"

The "secret" is... there really is no secret. People trying to sell you Internet marketing products will tell you there is a secret, or shortcut and you can get rich online with no work. It's a lie and they just want your money.

There is nothing free and effortless, sorry.

There are lots of people making 1,000 - 10,000 a month with affiliate marketing and some that even make 100,000 a month. But it takes learning time, work and skill and it's not quick and easy.

Start reading some of the sticky threads in the newbie forum to get an idea about how things work. If you have some time and a strong commitment you could get started learning.

Oregon Coast Guy

The best thing I can offer you is Site Build It, but it is a legitimate business and takes work. There is nothing that doesn't take work. There are no secrets, reredad.

I promote Site Build it because I love it, it has changed my life and I've seen what it has done for other people. It is something that you can do at home and has the potential to make you a nice amount of money, if you're willing to work it.

If someone ever wants to make money online and doesn't want to work for it, they are looking at the wrong screen. The television is in the other room. =]


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rerepdad, it sounds as if you are desperate. It is usually not a good idea to act out of desperation because a person is going to do things they wouldn't normally do. They are going to make bad decisions because they want things to happen quickly.

Desperate people make perfect targets for those clowns who promise people the sky and the moon if they will buy their get rich quick book or ebook. For $97 they will tell you how you can make millions of dollars a second while you are sleeping.

Some people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying this junk to later find that the only thing that happens is they have less money.

These bandits are only interested in themselves. They give people false hopes. Many people end up being crushed when they learn the hard way that they can't just snap their fingers and see billions of dollars falling out of the air.

Sometimes people so badly want those claims of quick and easy wealth to be true that they refuse to believe people when they tell them they aren't true and those selling that garbage are taking advantage of people.

Yes you can make money. But as others have told you, it is going to take time and work. You might make a few mistakes and you'll learn from those mistakes, just as so many others have.

There are many success stories. You could have a success story after some time has passed and you've done some work. Our members will be glad to help you by answering your questions and giving you advice without trying to sell you anything.


The "Secret"

I don't believe in such a secret. If you don't want to invest anything, it is not going to work. Let's say you find a good niche, you join some good affiliate programs and you build your website. Up to this point, you would have already invested lots of hours of work. Now, with your site up and running, you have several choices:
1. Wait to see traffic from search engines (you can wait even one year, and you won't like the results, because your site won't have links pointing to it, so it won't have credibility in front of search engines)
2. Promote your site for free. This is possible, but it takes lots of time and it does not pay off quick enough.
3. Use PPC campaigns. These require both time and money.

This myth of the residual income filling your bank account even when you are sleeping should be busted once for all: it is true that lots of people earn money without trading their 8 hours a day for it, but they don't tell you how hard did they work when they started, or how much money they pay to keep the system going on.

Earning money is like raising children: do you think they can grow well without your help and supervision? Maybe yes, but chances are they take a wrong path in life.