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Hi everyone can anyone help me

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by asksuresh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. asksuresh

    asksuresh Affiliate affiliate

    First of let me introduce myself my name suresh, i'm working in IT concern in Bangalore, India and i was looking for various ways of make money online i hav tried all from paid email to adposting, get paid to refer others etc.........not successful in anything atlast thought giving a try to affiliate programs
    Can anyone guide me right from scratch as i'm very new to affiliate marketing
    initially i'm looking for make some money without investing even a single dime from my pocket(as i hav lost all my money in various programs i tried)
    can anyone help me out to achieve my goal..........

    With regards
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  2. Voluum
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there,

    Welcome to 5 Star. 1st want to be sure you know that all REAL affiliate programs are free to join. If there is a charge to join then it's MLM or some other type of biz opp or a scam.

    But you do have to drive traffic to your affiliate site and this requires lots of time learning how to do SEO or paying for traffic somehow.

    Start with the following thread which gives great advice from other affiliates on the best things to do AND to avoid.

    If You HAD to Start Over - What would you do Differently???

    Then read everything you can here. You need to do some learning so you don't lost time and money falling for scams and can get started on a solid foundation.
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  4. winningratings

    winningratings Affiliate affiliate

    If you are new - some tips

    The first thing I would say is - treat the affiliate marketing world as a mine field for the newbie!! - tread carefully

    Now in brief - many of the affiliate schemes out there simply dont work - its that simple. You should approach a program from the assumption that it is a no hoper until you are sure it really is working

    You have to remember that its just too easy for anyone to set up an affiliate program. All it takes is a fairly simple script - and bingo you have an affiliate program. So many merchants who have never learnt how to sell anything will set up an affiliate program in the hope that other people will sell their product for them - but of course if they don't know how to sell it in the first place, or it just isnt selling - wrong product - wrong market etc, then its unlikely anyone else will sell it either

    My own advice is TEST - TEST - TEST!!

    My own strategy is concentrate on affiliate schemes with real products. Im talking about real products you can hold in your hand and make a good commission from - or products which will give you a good percentage and which are likely to be in great demand. All these type of schemes have paid me and continue to do so every month

    I would highlight two types of affiliate programs that have worked for me

    1) Residual Income
    This is really a great way to earn money from home. You simply join up for free, get a website and people you refer basically pay you a commission. Most of these schemes dont work, but if you test them out first, you will find out those that really work great. In general - always concentrate on schemes that are selling a real product like binoculars, sports wear, purfume etc. Anything which has no real product or only a "phoney" product is actually an illegal ponzi scheme and you should have nothing whatsoever to do with such schemes. They will not last very long and the whole thing is a fake

    2) Advertising
    Schemes which allow you to sell advertising - such as PPC, banner ads, static text ads etc, can be good earners. Its even better if people can join for free because then people are not "put off" by trying to "get round" your affiliate URL. Its only after they have joined for free that they might decide to "buy" - thats when you can get paid - and theres no affiliate url or cookies to worry about. Just for your information many affiliate schemes rely on some cookie or your affiliate url for you to get paid - if the cookie is gone or people "bypass" your affiliate url, then you never get paid anything even though the person buys the product

    Hope that points you in the right direction