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hi, are you happpy doing online biz, why?


Oregon Coast Guy

The freedom to create and do what I think best are the things that drive me more than anything.

I'm my own boss and, unlike the majority of bosses I've had experiences with, I haven't gone through a lobotomy. I actually can think and reason! ;)


Yes very happy because I love the online world. The most attractive thing for me is the aspect of getting your message out to thousands of people at just the click of a button (google adwords, big subscriber list, myspace etc.)

It probably is the best way to get whatever message you want to communicate out there without breaking the bank.


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What I like the most with a business are the following: (doesn't matter if online or offline):

- You open your mind for success and wealth
- You create your future, you don't react to your future
- You create vision and enhance your dreams
- You work on yourself (personal development) as you feed your mind with more positive things
- You help others
- You are a business owner, what a gratification when you think of it
- You build your freedom

That's why I'm a home business owner :)

And Uncle Sam likes me ;-)


Online business is not location dependent.

If you are successful with a brick and mortar company it may or may not fly if you relocate.

When I moved from Seattle to Atlanta the only thing that changed was my isp. Now that's a real perk.

Success can anchor you geographically in the off-line world. Conversely, in this line of work you really don't have to wait until retirement to move to Hawaii. Just find yourself a nice shady spot with a strong wifi signal.


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Yes,I'm very happy to be online and off. Because my passion is helps the people with home and business needs And also for the people want to better their lives because people have a choice with my business to be just a customer of our srevices or enroll in the business & we train them in the business and they to can make serious money and a better lifestyle.

Helping people where their at in life :) "is the why" for me.
Best wishes for all your success!


Yep. I'm are my reasons...

- Working when I want, wherever I want
- I know that if I work harder, I'll earn more versus my last corporate america job where I stayed late at the office yet my paycheck was always the same. :rolleyes:
- Loving what I do. Many people work for years and years and never really enjoy their work. I feel grateful to have found something I enjoy and makes good money.


Even though I'm far from successful at this, I love it. I'm as enthused now, if not more so, than when I started. I think it actually borders on an obsession.

When I'm not at the computer reading an ebook or report, I'm thinking about it.
I've never had a job that I felt this way about. If the subject comes up in a conversation about making money online, I can talk for hours. That's when it becomes apparent to me how much I've learned on the subject.

I love the fact that I learn something new every day. There's always some new marketing strategy, traffic generating technique, etc...

The testing and tweaking of ads or sales copy. Just watching the click stats on a simple traffic exchange and making subtle changes to a headline or body, and then seeing the results. It makes no difference to me if the results are good or bad because I learned something.

Posting my two cents in a forum, and moments later receiving an email saying Payment Received because the guy in Denmark liked what I wrote and decided to buy the product I was promoting. How Cool Is That!

You would think I won a million dollars when I get a notice of a 7 dollar sale.
It's not the amount to me, but what it represents. That I can make money online, and some day I'll be able to do this full time, on a beach, in Mexico, in my underwear, etc....

Good Luck To All of You!


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Online business is not location dependent.

I think this is one of the best aspects!

I don't think I'd really excel in a work-at-home environment ( I need the social interaction with coworkers and structure of an office :eek: ) but if I'm feeling sick, have some extra work to take care of, am going to be travelling, etc., I can always catch up a bit from home or on the go.


Yes, I'm happy

I'm happy for several reasons:
- I don't have to share the room with colleagues
- I don't have to hear and make conversation if I don't feel like it
- I don't have to prepare nice presentations to impress my bosses
- I can do whatever I like: for example, in one year I jumped from blogging, to internet marketing, to affiliate programs, to websites builder....
- I save three hours every day because I don't have to drive to the office and back

If I also earned some money, it would be like a dream... but nothing is perfect, is it?


It is a good thing to have online biz because anyone could work with whatever time they wanted to work, there is no hassle except of getting traffic to a particular site and the power to drive sales in their business.


Yep, I agree. I went to a lovely outdoor dance festival this weekend just gone and I didn't have to worry about booking any work off. lol. Although saying that, you still have to catch up on work when you come back to work.


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Online biz is great. I've worked at companies with 300+ co-workers and haven't met as many people in the internet industry as I have working online remote.

I will say though, in my opinion it is either black or white. Whether you have your own biz or work online for a company, you have to be focused. People I have spoken with either do it and are successful or have gone back to the office envirnoment because they are way too distracted.