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Hey Linda...


Linda Buquet

Hey Swamp gurl!

I was hoping you would see that and like my "dig".
Didn't have enough carpal power to write a book about what I thought -
so let you do it! Was just coming over to post a copy of my blog here on the forum.

I already ranted on the subject of parasites and adware today and wore out my carpal on the following post. YOUR NAME came up in that topic too!

Feel free to weigh in!:D
What do you think about Upromise??

Linda Buquet

Kellie, posted the blog I just wrote about your article re the CJ COC here:

Funny I had to think for a minute - should I post this in my CJ forum
or the "Cookie Issues, Adware & Spyware" forum?

Posted in CJ just cuz CJ affiliates and merchants should be aware of what the changes mean.

Thanks for the in-depth write up and FEEL FREE to comment in the CJ COC thread above since my blog comments are turned off.

Thanks for stopping by too!