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Help for newbie


Hey everyone,
I am stuck in a rut and dont know what to do. I have tried a few different companies that are well known, mostly in petcare, from Linkshare. I am doing PPC on adwords. I just did my first sale ever since trying the affiliate programs. My main problem is that I have had over 11 clickthroughs in the past couple weeks using 30 and 40 cent per click. So I am losing money right now. How can I get more targeted traffic to click through. I am finding it hard to find keywords that I dont have to bid alot to get near the top of searches with my ads. Any advice would be appreciated.


I personally wouldn't recommend PPC until you have quite a bit of natural search engine traffic coming into your site. I've tried it a few times without much success but there is an art to it and it can be successful if you work at it.

At this stage it sounds like you really don't have the funds to invest in testing PPC to see what works and what doesn't so it might be better to try and spend the money you have on getting good quality backward links to your site - this in turn will help to build traffic.

Unfortunately getting good quality backward links takes time and it takes a while before the search engines find them which in turn means that it takes longer for you to make money. This is the difference between someone who will stay in the business and someone who won't. Those who are patient and keep at it will eventually suceed but most people become disillusioned and give up. Just keep at it and things will improve. You will never know unless you keep trying.

Here are some things you can do:

- add your site to directories - both paid and free
- submit lots of posts to relevant pet forums and ensure your signature which will be a link to your website has been added
- add articles to article directories
- read this forum and see what others are doing - there is lots of good advice to be found here

Good Luck!!