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Hello World

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by pawelcpa, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. pawelcpa

    pawelcpa Affiliate affiliate

    I am saying hello to everyone!

    My name is Pawel and I am starting out with an affiliate business, particulary CPA for the moment being. Signin up for this forum is a next step in my career LOL.:) It doesn't go as fast as I expect since I am a FT employee and a father of two but I believe in consistency, so everyday i am trying to find some time to set up a new tool or a campaign.

    So, far I tried 7Searches and stupid simple direct linking to a variety of offers. Nothing worked so far;) i spent something like $75 to earn ca. $10 in commisions. I tried a couple of techniques inspired by lukepeerfly.com and others found on youtube or somewhere else but it didn't work.

    So, what I did is invested in a domain and a VPS, that is serverpronto.com as they offer quite reasonable prices for VPS, along with a cPanel it's $20 per month. And I am telling you configuring this stuff to work , was the most challenging task for me so far. I spent long hours googling for tutorials and videos to get this s**t configured (serverpronto has a sort of tutorials but they were useless for me). BTW they have a really good support working 24/7 and despite I am in a CET zone, I got replies to my tasks like in 15 minutes or so.

    Finally I did set up VPS and even p202 on it.

    Now I am at the moment, where I want to learn and make use of this p202 and make my first profitable campaign. I don't care about profits now (in terms of figures), I just want to make it profitable. This is why I will stick with 7searches for some time (is it possible to run profitable campaigns on 7Searches? LOL:))

    So, if there's anyone curious, my plan is

    1. I want to set up a campaign on 7searches focused on a certain KW that will be direct linked to different offer pages rotated with p202. Now I am able to test many offers with one campaign

    2. Try this: affiliatefix.com/blogs/blog20-cpa-money-making-method-free-cpa-landing-page-cpa-techniques.html (can't post links yet)

    and in fact this is how I signed up here. Came across this post in google first;)

    So far, I am in PeerFly and Maxbounty networks. Maybe, I should consider applying to more networks? I guess I will in the near future.

    I think my plan for the business is go with adult niches, mobile and other than US markets but for the time being I want to concentrate on learning the ropes and as I said I am starting with 7searches.

    Thank you!
  2. newbidder

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