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Official Hello Travel Affiliate Program

Hi Forum Members !!! Do you own large network, content site, travel-related website,...

  1. mamta naithani

    mamta naithani Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Travel Affiliate Program (Pay Per Sale)

    Hi Forum Members !!!

    Do you own large network, content site, travel-related website, holiday blog, vacation portal, accommodation compare, leisure website and are looking to how monetize your online traffic :confused: Well, let me introduce you to Hello Travel Affiliate Program that pays 40% of revenue and will enable your visitors to book Hotel, Flight, Rail, Travel & Tour Packages from a single Enquiry form!

    We share up to 160% of the enquiry value. Every enquiry can get sold upto 4 times and travellers can choose any of the package of our connected travel specialists. We have higher conversion ratios since the Travel Inquiry Form is placed on your website itself, also you get complete tracking system to track your earnings. Addition to that you don't have to be tired of waiting from payments like other Affiliate programs as we pay you every month.

    So, Sign up, Place our Enquiry form and Make Money. ;)

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    Last edited: Aug 21, 2014
  2. newbidder
  3. bradoral

    bradoral Affiliate affiliate

    thank you too much
  4. rahxephon

    rahxephon Affiliate affiliate

    Does this program allow for ppv traffic?
  5. skymonetizer

    skymonetizer Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    looking very interest!

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