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Hello to everybody!


Hello, my name is Venera.
I work as a project manager on a software development team. Our team develops desktop applications and software.
Our company has built its reputation as leader in toolbar industry. We also develop branding solutions for desktop tools, such as desktop sidebar, toolbar, desktop widgets, deskbar etc. And we have more great software tools in development (sync MS Outlook with BaseCamp project management).

I would like to connect with the forum members and look forward to participating in interesting discussions and exchange.
I would like to share my opinions, offer advice and information from my knowledge area.

So feel free to ask your questions and reply to my posts.
Also great thanks to forum administrators for keeping up this forum community.


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Hello to you Venera, and welcome to 5 Star.

It is nice to have you as a member and we look forward to your participation in discussions.

5 Star is a very friendly community and we do have a lot of interesting discussions, so you should enjoy yourself.


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Welcome Venera,

Sounds like you'll have a lot of great technical/software advice to share - it was the technical aspect of affiliate marketing that I found the trickiest to learn :)