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Hello, to every one my name is Larry.


I am trying to find a marketing niche for my website. My girlfriend was deployed to Qatar we had a problem communicating with each other. I purchased a International calling card the rates was good and quality was great. I thought about many others who are in that same situation I thought of a way to keep them in touch with world 2 world phone cards. Does anyone know of a inexpensive way to market my website?

Linda Buquet

Hi Larry and welcome to 5 Star.

Our Administrator is named Larry too. :)

Well that looks like a turn key site they gave you. Am I correct?
If so then not much you can probably due to optimize it any more for free traffic. And if it's a copy of a site they give everyone then it's not good
for getting all the free natural search traffic.

So that leaves you with PayPerClick which can get expensive and is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. You can try some social networking and forums. That may not get you much but its free.

Lots of good topics here already on how to build traffic.


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