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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Hello Everyone


New Member
I am new here. I was referred to here by a DP member, so I decided to check it out. I am an online electronics merchant that manages an affiliate program and I am going to check this place out to get some tips and tricks. I look forward to getting some insight!


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Welcome to 5 Star, overdrive.

Thanks for joining and thanks to the person who sent you here.

I hope you like what you see because we have a lot going on here in our friendly community.

Linda Buquet

Hi overdrive,

Welcome to 5 Star. I've seen your posts over at DP. Glad you decided to come over and share your program with us. Hope you'll stick around and jump into some discussions too.


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Thank you for the warm welcome. I am sure that this will be a good place to get help for my affiliate program and hopefully after time, it will be successful.