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Hello everyone


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Hello Everyone

Im Sean, Im 22 and Im hoping to build my first store next month. So I thought id sign up to get an understanding of how it all works and for some advice.



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Welcome to 5 Star, Sean.

You can learn a lot here at 5 Star, including mistakes to try to avoid.

There is a lot here that you can read. We also have some very friendly and very helpful members. Just post your questions when you have any and our members can help you.


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No there isn't an area that is specifically for that.

In many cases there are people who don't want to display their sites to others and give them ideas as to what they are doing.

You could ask question such a question in the Newbie Affiliate Forum and some people might be willing to reply.

Also, many members have signatures in which they some or all of their sites and/or blogs. You could find many sites by just doing that.