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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Hello everyone



Hello all. I'm new to the world of affiliates. I'm a web developer specialized in php, java, html, flash, and Photoshop. After 5 years as a programmer and designer I made the step into affiliate marketing and web promotion. At this point in time I'm outsourcing the majority of our offers and working with 3rd parties. I am trying to learn as much as possible and promote myself with out stepping on anyone's toes. I would be interested in meeting a few establish affiliates who can give me guidance and suggestions about bettering my program, 3d party providers, and even recruiters and managers. I represent a very large company with a nice budget and I'm excited about getting things going and getting feedback so I can put up nice lead numbers for my company. Thank you all for your patience and warm welcome to your industry.

Linda Buquet

Hey Will,

Glad you made it over here to the forum. Just realized, I never did get a quote out to you. Will try to do that this weekend. I'm buried. :p

Feel free to soak up all the info here and ask questions. We are always glad to help.