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Hello Everyone


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I am fairly new to internet marketing. I have been into it for around 3 months but have not got much time in front of the computer beacuse of my newborn baby (12/22/05). Although I have read about 40 ebooks and have listened and watch numerous videos and audio recordings. I am cram packed full of info. I just got the message the other day that I am getting laid off along with 6 others and I am the only one that is happy about it. Now I will finally have time to get my projects up and running.

I hope to be able to give you loads of valuable information and help you boost your sales. If you ever have any questions pertaining to marketing dont hesitate to ask. Also check out my thread in the General Disscussions forum titled "help me help you". I have a great offer for you in there as well. Thanks and I hope all your ventures are golden.

Terry Brazil

Linda Buquet

HI Terry,

Welcome to 5 star. You have already been a great contributor!

Congrats on the new baby AND the layoff. Who needs a J. O. B. if you know how to make money online you can stay home with baby and prosper at the same time.


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Thanks for the warm welcome. By the way I also have a degree in Computer Science so I should be able to help with any kind of web realated questions as well. I might go and start my other posts on the 3 other products I will be making and they can be asked in there.