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Hello everyone, very nice forum


I just want to tell everyone hi and I look forward to making friends and learning alot. I want to communicate with many of you. I have been marketing on the internet a while but I realize there is so much out there that I have not even scratched the surface. I would post my email so anyone can communicate with me but don't want any spambots to grab it. Recently I have starting looking into promoting using video like on youtube. I have just been researching so I have not done any yet but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.


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Welcome to 5 Star, toddlavergne.

This is a very friendly community with helpful members, so you should have no problem making friends and learning a lot.

You can get a lot of ideas related to your plan by looking at our:
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If you have any questions about anything you see in those forums, just ask in the appropriate forum.

Linda Buquet

Hi Todd,

Welcome to 5 Star. We're a pretty friendly bunch here so hope you meet some good folks.

I've really gotten bitten by the video bug too and want to get Camtasia and start doing training videos on some stuff and video blogging showing some of the cool new tips, tricks and tools I want to share with my readers. I know how obsessive I can be though and am afraid it would just suck up my time trying to learn, then edit to make perfect then try to upload in right format and make sure it looks good. I can totally see one little video sucking up an entire week of my time.

I know I'm exaggerating and am living by fear of the unknown here, but I also know myself all too well. I'm so busy I just don't have a second to spare.

But good luck to you. Keep us posted about how things go.