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Hello all!


I found this site through when Linda was a guest on Net Income. I thought I'd be able to get some more information on affiliate programs as I'm really new to it. I recently started a blog site whose nitch is Beginner Hang Gliding. You can find it at The site will also cover areas that are friendly to Hang Gliding, news about the sport itself as well as information on interpreting weather patterns from weather services and such. People who are curious about the sport can be introduced to it by reading how I got started (which was not too long ago).

What am I looking to get out of 5 Star Affiliate Programs? I have no idea on how to best monotize my site. The nitch I'm in is so narrow that I have no way of finding the best programs for it that would be suitable. So I'm kind of stuck.

Linda Buquet

Hi Jamie,

Welcome to 5 Star. Grays Anatomy is almost on :p so I'll try to give you a couple quick tips.

I'm at a huge disadvantage because I know nothing about the sport but YOU DO! What other things do hang gliders need? Do they often travel to the places they hang glide? Are there certain travel hots spots? There are tons of travel affiliate programs. Do many of them also like to hike or do they need to haul gear? How about packbags Irvs Luggage is a good one. Do they need hydration packs? I had a company call recently that has one for that. How about other sporting equiment? BentGear on Sharesale is a good one.

Do a search on Google for "hang gliding affiliate program". Quite a few things come up but I don't know which ones are a good fit. Get into your readers minds and figure out what types of things they are intereted in and then find a program that fits.

Lots of good threads here about how to find and research niches. I'm sure theres one out there that fits your needs.