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Hello all, i just arrived


Hello, my name is James Case, I am new in this forum.

i owe an online generic pharmacy for the few last years.
i am not sure regarding the link policy on this forum, so i won't add my own link.

i came to this forum in order to find new partners (affiliates), as we offer great commission, i think that most of you will apreciate our program.

we also like to receive any feedback on our website, it helps us to improve it and give a better service for our customers.

please reply with any comment :)


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Welcome to 5 Star, James.

Thanks for not using your link in your post because we do not allow that.

Links are allowed in signatures. However we do not allow online pharmacies in signataures. Here are the signature rules:
Signature Restrictions:
? Maximum length: 5 lines (breaks between lines count as lines)
? Maximum font size permitted is size 2
? No images or cookie requests allowed
? No more than 3 links per signature
? NOTE: Moderators, 5 Star clients and paid forum sponsors may have longer signatures
We have a forum where members can post if to acquire new affiliates. That is our Merchants Promote Your Affiliate Program. But online pharmacies are not allowed. Here are the basics of that forum:
Must be a merchant or manager - no affiliate links. ONE thread per company. Updates must be added to same thread. NO Gambling, RX, Adult, Download programs, MLM or JV's
5 Star can still benefit you if you have any general affiliate questions or if you want to talk about affiliate programs in general.

I see that you have already found one post that you found helpful.


thank you for your reply.
i already had a little tour in this forum, and in fact, it is really interesting and "clean/clear content" it seems that your administration team made a good job.

i post in other affiliate forum, and i don't have the patience to read FAQs/rules, so this is the reason i even didnt want to take the chance of post my URL, however, i would like to get some feedbacks about our website-design-features-affiliate program.


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You have made a post in which you spoke in general terms about your affiliate program, sales manager, billing processor etc. There was nothing wrong with that post and you have received a reply to it.

You said:
however, i would like to get some feedbacks about our website-design-features-affiliate program.
We have a Site Review Forum. But in order to review your site, that would require posting your URL. That wouldn't be a problem with a lot of sites, but it is a problem with certain types of sites. This would include sites such as: Gambling, Online Pharmacies, Adult, Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Since you have an online pharmacy a site review wouldn't be allowed.

In order for our members to give a valid comment on your site design etc. they would need to see it and we don't allow links to online pharmacies.

So far you have done a very good job of talking in general terms in posts that you have made and you have been good in not linking to your site.