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Hello All glad to be here!!!!!!!!


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O.K. let me start by saying I started everything the hard way I invested money in 24 hour cash flow not knowing what they do, and what an affiliate is well a year later I am doing a little better and have started makeing money.I have own three business in the last 18 years from carpet cleaning to fishing suppy, then manufacturing now this.I am not put out by me joining 24 hour cash flow but there are things that I had to do myself like finding affiliate programs that work. nothing is free and you just can't sit there looking at your CP and expect it to make you money you have to spend time surfing and reading. I would love to chat and hear what everyone else is doing that's why I am here. Thank you all


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Welcome to 5 Star, JustElliott8.

We are glad to have you here. Thanks for joining.

You will find out a lot about our member by reading some of the posts they have made here at 5 Star. You might also pick up some useful information in the tons of information that has been posted.

Whenever you have questions, just ask. Of course you should ask them in the appropriate forum rather than here in the Introduce Yourself Forum which is for introductions and for welcome messages.

There is a lot here. Feel free to join in some of the discussions whenever you want.

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Hi JustElliott8,

Welcome to 5 Star. Hope our info can help you get on a little more solid footing but it sounds like you are learning and growing your business.