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Hey everyone,

I'm glad your reading here because this is going to be really exciting.

I'm new to this particular forum and want to start something new. Totally unique discussions about online marketing and the online world in general. Anyone care to join?

In this particular forum I just want to ask people one simple question:

"What is your biggest frustration and hardship when it comes to online marketing?"

- what's the hardest part?
- what do you hate to do?
- how much time do you spend before you see a nickle in the bank?

You see, in creating online marketing programs myself I want to gain a clear understanding of what it is like for the beginner and intermediate marketer for that matter when it comes to starting out.

I wrote an article titled: "Beginners Fundamentals" and you can read the free article here:

In that article I establish a good foundation for anyone starting off with online marketing, affiliate marketing or someone that is faily familiar with it.

Give it a read and tell me what you think? I would love to hear from you with any feedbacks, criticisms and comments.

So back to the question above:

"What is your biggest frustration and hardship when it comes to online marketing"

Would love to hear from you.