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Hate Doing Taxes - Do you have your taxes done?

Linda Buquet

Hate it, hate it, hate doing taxes.

I know if I was more organized it would be easier - but I'm just not very!
I've been sick off and on for over a month, so just keeping up with my 12/7 business is about all I've been able to do. My house is a wreck, clothes are dirty
and taxes have just been pushed backed over and over every weekend.

So now today is Dday. My appt with acct is on Tues so today MUST finish!
Almost there. Have almost everything in spreadsheets so just need to double check all my income and expenses add everything up and get it in a form for the accountant.

So make me jealous! :p Who already has their taxes done???

Linda Buquet

Color me green with envy!

Going to accountant tomorrow then all I have to do is pay thousands
on top of the thousands I've already paid in qtly taxes.
The more you make the more you pay! :(


I soooo feel ya. I can't stand doing taxes, and I know it's because I'm disorganized LOL. I have receipts and papers everywhere, but this year I've decided to get myself (or, at least, my business papers/receipts) on an organization system. Hopefully it works out.

As for my taxes...yep, I'm slow and pokey, but that's what I'm getting done today...feel the pain. THE PAIN.

~ Teli


Good Luck Teli, Linda glad you got them done!

I am a procrastinator by nature no matter how hard... BUT not when it comes to my taxes. I saw my accountant three weeks ago.

I am disorganized but Hubby's business stuff was way worse then mine. I had forgotten to file him as ann S-Corp but we were able to fix it when we filed our taxes, thank goodness!

Linda Buquet

Filed 3 weeks ago? Good job!

I had too much come up today so had to cancel my accountant until next Tues.
Which is fine. Main thing is I got all the prep work finished.

Linda Buquet

OK I'm almost ready to go to the Post Office
to pay the PIPER!

Just thought I'd come here 1st and whine a little
before I cut the big checks! :eek: :p

Ok here goes... OUCH!!! :mad:


New Member
Finally finished mine today, us Canadians get an extra month to do them, but of course I always wait until the last day :rolleyes:
Still, it feels great to have them done!