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[Guide] Starting a web host

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by CodeMaster67, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    Small Introduction
    The web hosting industry is a tough spot to thrive in but if you have the determination, the dedication, and the drive, you will get results. I'm not saying your web host will be the best out there but you will get results. Now read along so I can get you on the right track.

    Getting Started
    Before you do anything else you need to plan your web hosting company, what will the name be, what services will you offer, what will your site look like, what will it have on it, who will you work with and who will work for you. Write all that down on a notepad and save the file.

    Now that you've gotten the essentials down pact, you need to start getting what you need. First off, get a domain name, I recommend name cheap, now you need to get a domain that expresses your host, something that gets to the point. Now it's time to get your host's command center, your server, you can get a virtual private server or a dedicated server. Now if you can't afford either then get reseller hosting, there are a lot of free/cheap reseller hosting providers out there. Last, get a billing software like whmcs or TheHostingTool.

    Build Your Host
    Now before starting the actual web hosting site, take time to set things up in your whm like the server access and the packages and maybe add the auto installer plugin if your reseller hasn't set it up for you. Also, remember to set your name server so your customers will know where to point their domains.

    -Setting up your website
    Now start by making your design or pay someone to do one for you,now when you set in your content, don't go on and on, just get to the point. Then you might as well set up the billing software and configure everything like packages and payment options, remember that the billing software doesn't make the actual packages it just mirrors the ones created from the backend. Now you might want to get your support system up too and maybe add a forum for support or use the forum as a host to post service.

    -Hiring your staff
    Every web host needs staff to run different aspects like billing and support. Now you can ask tech savy friends to work for you or you can go online to a freelance or promotion forum like Forum Promotion (Owned by our fabulous and busy Nerdie). When you are hiring staff take a real interest in those who seem professional and well presented as well as you should your self.
    Now the staff team is completed, you need to train them, tell or show them how the site works and operates so they know what they are doing, now you should do test for each of their department to see how fast and well they can get things done.

    Opening Day

    This day is every important, you should start spreading the word everywhere in a efficient yet not spam way. You should make everything all jazzed up and everyone. People will always remember or hear about the day you opened up.

    Additional Tips

    -Give coupon codes so your customers can get a percentage of the price off your service or maybe a free service.

    -Remember: It's not over until it's over or until God says it's over

    -Have fun.

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  3. iridescent

    iridescent Affiliate affiliate

    Hahaha, not only was this informative, but I loved the MV in the end.
  4. Yorozuya

    Yorozuya Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the nice guide! :) I was thinking on starting a small web hosting business myself. Nothing complicated, I just want to offer my service to my clients so I don't leave any money on the table. They will need a hosting provider for the website I create for them, and its very rare that they already have one so I think I could make some money out of this...
  5. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm actually going to make a web host and show everyone here when I'm done, I'll have a special plan for the members of this forum.
  6. stiflex

    stiflex Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the great tips mate! Really useful, mostly for starters who want to get it big. But usually people find a parent - that does all the work for them, and all they really need to do is pay for the domain/host and spread the word..
  7. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    No problem, old chap.