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Guide 4: How to Find Amazon Affiliate Products


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You can easily find Amazon Associates products to promote, using this checklist

1. Go to the Amazon Bestsellers list in your country
2. Choose a category related to your affiliate website
3. Find a product with a 4-5 star rating
4. Make sure that there are 100s or 1000s of reviews
5. Make sure that the company promoting the products is a registered business, with a checkable address
6. Make sure the company has at least 90% positive feedback, especially in the past 30-90 days
7. Find a product with as many product color variations as possinle --> 10+ is very good
8. Choose a product that is not restricted (no blades, chemicals, weapons, porn)
9. Check that the product fits in the standard sized mailbox in your country
10. Avoid products which require batteries or extra parts
11. Avoid products which need to be tried out or tested first
12. Look for official YouTube product video from the manufacturer
13. Look for multiple product images on the manufacturer website
14. Avoid products from unknown companies registered in foreign countries with no website
15. Choose products with high stock levels
16. Choose products that can be promoted all year round
17. Use Ubersuggest to check that there is significant monthly searches in your country [500+ is a good start] fror both the product and product variations
18. You can also look at Google Trends in your country to find the search keywords that people are using and use these keywords in your products H1 and meta titles --> this will help you appear above Amazon on Google especially for your unique landing pages for each product variation which Amazon doesn't have a landing page for

Here's an example product

You should now have a good Amazon product to promote on your affiliate site
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