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Guide 2: Choosing an Affiliate Site Domain Name?


AffKit Ninja
Your domain name is crucially important because it's the first thing along with the title of your website that most of your customers will see first on ads and search engines, use on a regular basis to visit your site, to communicate with you, and to share your content with others

Think about these questions before you register your affiliate SEO website domain name
  1. Extension? --> Choose the extension most used by your competitors and most trusted by your customers
  2. Characters? --> Keep your domain name as short as possible and try to include only letters and no other characters such as numbers and hyphens - make your domain name short so it can be used for email and the full name appears in links, social media and search without being obscured or automatically shortened
  3. Costs? --> Your main domain name costs will be initial registration and annual renewal which should be as low as possible, while some premium extensions charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to renew every year - you have to ask yourself " is it really worth it? "
  4. Registration? --> It's wise to register your domain name with a trusted company and it doesn't matter whether it's a major company or a mid sized company serving mainly one country - so check costs, customer reviews and what's included with your registration
  5. Keywords? --> Imagine your customer sees two domain names competing for their click - domain name a includes the main words that the customer is using to search for or describe their problem or desired solution, while domain name b uses the name of an animal as their brand but that has no words that the customer would be thinking of - this is the primary reason to choose keywords in your domain name as well as helping search engines to better index and serve your web pages to customers searching
  6. Grammar? --> Make sure your domain name is spelt correctly and makes sense for your target audience, also use the plural ( rather than the singular (, and finally avoid using any words which are confused or easily misspelled
  7. Branding? --> Think about a letter in your domain name that can be changed to an animal or symbol related to your website - letter 'O' could be the sun if you are a travel affiliate website, letters 'OO' could be a glasses logo, 'E' could be a Euros symbol for an exchange rate affiliate website, 't' could be a cross if you are promoting Christian multimedia downloads - you get the idea, many letters are also able to be used in text logos to represent animals or things 'M' for a mountain
Consider all of these questions and you should end up with a short, punchy, memorable domain name which is affordable to renew, makes sense to your customers and search engines and can be used to make a cool letter logo

King Conga

Great tips. Can you suggest any sites, or utilities that are good at grading URL's for impact and effectiveness? Thanks.