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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Hey everyone!

We’re GSpin.Partners - the affiliate program of, the first eco-friendly
and convenient-to-navigate online casino.

Why affiliates and webmasters choose to work with us:

- Up to 45% RevShare for the first month;
- Individual conditions for top partners with a volume of at least 500FD per month;
- Hybrid CPA + RevShare model;
- Withdrawal of funds on request, high commissions without negative carry-overs;
- A wide array of GEOS: Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Australia, Belgium,
Romania, Finland, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland;
- An advanced dashboard with detailed statistics and a large set of useful tools
for various platforms;
- High commissions without negative carry-overs, monthly payouts.

We are constantly improving our bonus policy and hold promotions for our partners.
If you’re not part of our team already - welcome aboard.

To get started message us at:

Telegram: @Glanumenanoviynik

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GSpin Partners

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Hey everyone!

Your traffic took a hit with recent google updates? The audience is getting colder? Have a huge gambling-oriented audience and ready to roll?

We are offering an exclusive email campaign to our affiliates and anyone with a database of casino players.
We can develop mailing lists with exclusive bonuses and custom texts targeted specifically for your audience.​

Let's make it GREEN!

GSpin Partners

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Hey everyone!

We are often asked questions about payments and we decided to prepare
an FAQ for you:

When are payments made?
We pay our partners monthly from the 10th to the 15th day of each month.

Can you make payments instantly?
Yes, contact your personal manager about this.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount from the balance of the affiliate program
is 20 Euros.

What wallets can I request payment to?
Bank transfer,Bitcoin wallet , Skrill.

If you're not a member of our family yet, follow the link and register
with Gspin.Partners.


GSpin Partners

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Pros and cons working with the RS (RevShare) model

RevShare is an ideal solution in the long term, because the more and the longer
the attracted users are playing, the more money you’ll get.

But these are hardly all the long-term benefits of the RevShare model, after all,
this model lets you

- Receive a stable income for a long time (granted your traffic is high-quality);
- Receive a large income, because the players usually lose, not win (and they always
want more — “I’m bound to get lucky this time”);
- Use literally any traffic source. But it’s still worthwhile to talk it over with your
manager first;
- Not worry about negative carry-over since we write off negative balances instead
of just counting them for the next month;
- Negotiate individual terms with depending on the quality of the traffic
you provide.

Don’t forget that RevShare is a long con - income won’t come immediately (sometimes
for quite a long time). But on the other hand, RS lets you have an almost passive form
of income, since you’ll be getting revenue from all the actions of the player you attracted.

RS is very often used by SEOs and experienced webmasters who can attract high-quality,
warmed-up traffic. But this model is a good choice even if you’re just starting out with
gambling offers, since sometimes just 1 player can turn into a source of revenue
for months to come.


GSpin Partners

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Do you work through RevShare? Then heads up - here comes a cool promotion

July is upon us and we’re launching a contest with guaranteed prizes for
our webmasters. Only until September 1st. Get more than 70 FTDs and get a bonus
of 1,000 EUR.
We accept almost any sort of traffic, but it’s still best to check in with
your manager.

Well and a little about why players choose us:

- A wide range of payment systems: bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Skrill,
Neosurf, etc;
- WAGER FREE Welcome bonuses;
- Friendly 24/7 support;
- High LT and LTV ratios, highest conversion rates in target markets;
- Vip policy and personal managers for vip players;
- Gifts for high rollers.

If you still have questions regarding the promotion or acceptable traffic sources -
just contact us;
skype: live:.cid.b1f0595c98bfacd0


GSpin Partners

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Relevant data for the gambling vertical: Top 5 GEOs
for affiliate marketing​

With each year, the gambling vertical is growing in demand and, therefore,
in profitability too. According to statistics, 26% of the world’s population
(and that’s a whopping 1.6 billion) systematically gamble. Another fun fact — 4.2 billion
people gamble at least once a year.

The gambling business rakes in the following numbers:

The point is clear: driving traffic to gambling offers is profitable. But what GEO should
you pick and why? Let’s get to the bottom of that.

1. Australia​

The Australian gambling market is estimated at more than $150 billion. How come:
  1. Australians rather enjoy gambling and each year “donate” around $2 billion to
    the niche budget (on average $1,300 per person).
  2. The average income in the country is about 4-5 thousand dollars - they can easily
    afford to spend a couple hundred on gambling.
  3. Around 80% of all of Australia’s traffic is mobile, and the most popular sources
    are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Google.

2. Canada​

The official languages of the country are English and French, so it will be quite easy
for many affiliate marketers to work with the target audience. speaking of its features:
  • around 80% of Canadians gamble;
  • the average player is 30-36 years old;
  • 76% of players view gambling as a regular recreational activity;
  • 3.2% are addicted to gambling;
  • gender distribution: 17.6% of the audience is female and 82.4% is male.

3. Finland​

On average, 1 person spends about $550 a year on gambling (lotteries and betting).
Other data on the target audience:
  • more than 40% of Finns gamble at least once a week;
  • age and sex targeting — 18-35 year old males;
  • If a gambling addict spends more than $ 135 a year on the game, they are offered
    free treatment at the expense of the state.

4. Norway​

Norway is one of the largest oil and gas producers on the planet. Therefore —
high wages, around 4.5 thousand euros. And the population here is also very
fond of gambling:
  • physical slot machines are popular in the country, but there are certain
    restrictions involved, which is why Norwegians are happy to gamble in various
    online casinos;
  • according to analytics, out of 3000 people surveyed, 2.1% honestly admitted
    to being addicted to gambling (Norway’s population is 5 million people);
  • There is a monopoly on gambling machines in the country, but no matter how the
    government tries to restrict its citizens, gambling addicts still find ways to
    waste money on gambling (and do so with great enthusiasm) without meeting
    any resistance.

5. Denmark​

Although in 2020 the revenues of the Danish gambling market decreased by almost 5%,
today the vertical is once again gaining momentum. What an affiliate marketer needs
to know about the target audience of this country:
  • more than 50% of all bets are made through mobile applications;
  • the most popular entertainment among Danes are slot machines (75% of the vertical’s
    total income);
  • on average, about 41% of Danes gamble;
  • the average salary of a Dane is 5,000 euros (with the minimum deposits in gambling
    starting at 10 euros).
Of course, there are other good GEOs for gambling. For example: Germany, New Zealand.
The population of these countries is also solvent and loves to spend big sums on online casinos,
poker, slots and other forms of gambling entertainment.

Here are some statistics that will help you in your affiliate journey:

Player LTV - 1,260 EUR
Player LT - 298 days
1dep - 2dep on average 71% of players
2dep - 3dep on average 81% of players

If you got traffic for these GEOs - text us and we’ll offer you the best conditions


GSpin Partners

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Why is RevShare better for SEO?

Hello everyone, today we decided to tell you why it is more profitable
for webmasters to work through RevShare than with any other payment model.

Let's highlight 2 key advantages of this bundle:

A lot of targeted visitors come from doorways and SEO sites. Hence - their
high conversion to leads, and then to FTDs. And a certain percentage of them
will keep playing in the casino for a long time.

RevShare is more profitable than CPA in the sense that it will allow you to receive
income constantly, from each attracted FTD. And since SEO also works in the long run,
you can count on some serious passive income.

How long does it take for a website to start making money?

As a rule, the average payback period for a website is 6-12 months. But this period
can be shortened using various techniques like "black SEO". In practice, in 1-2 months
after launch , you can get to the top 3 by main indicators and start getting profit from
affiliate marketing.

How much does a webmasters get on average?

On average, a site owner makes $5,000 - $100,000 per month. But it all depends
on the website's audience, traffic type and GEO. There are cases when site owners earn
over $1 million.


Working through RevShare, driving traffic with SEO is a profitable long-term investment.
After all, as soon as the sites get to the top of the charts, they no longer have
to be further promoted, you just need to maintain their positions (which takes much
less time), but they will continue to attract leads and bring decent income.

If you have a website and want to cooperate through the Revshare model -
message and we will offer you the best
cooperation conditions.