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Hi everyone,

My name is Dave and I am very new to affiliate marketing. Since I first realized the potential of it only a few weeks ago I have subscribed to a few rss feeds on the subject and have been putting a website together.

I am a massage therapist and network marketer. I have a passion for all things healthy and am trying to come up with a way to integrate all that into a profitable and very helpful and informative site.

If anyone already knows of similar sounding sites I'd love to check them out and get some ideas!


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Welcome to 5 Star, Dave.

Thanks for joining.

Since you are new to all of this, you might want to spend some time in our Newbie Affiliate Forum reading as much as you possibly can. You will discover a lot of helpful things there. Here is a link to that forum

I think you will find this is a friendly community and our members are very helpful.