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Greetings Guys!


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Hi, my name is Reina. i have found this forum through other fellow Internet marketers. I am happy to find this community as I am eager to meet new people and share ideas with others. What's more, I would be happy to learn from others because there is always a new and better way--you never know. I love internet marketing quite a bit. It is almost an addiction. It reaps good results, and i am happy with what I do.

Furthermore, i am blind. No, that has not ever stopped me but has made me stronger. I fight for the rights of my other fellow blind people and am extremely active in the blind community. I also promote and market for other fellow blind friends to help them off the ground. After job hopping due to unfair treatment and being unemployed for awhile, I started on my own venture to make something for myself. I knew that life was what you made it and that just because I was doubted didn't mean I had to be what others said I was. So, I created my own web site (yes the blind can design web sites and program computers because many of my friends and I do both), found my niche, and promoted it. I manage a few of them as a matter of fact but couldn't promote them all in my sig. However, i am constantly busy working just to show the sighted and blind alike that blind people can live rich and rewarding lives.

I look forward to many friendly and upbuilding conversations in this forum. And, I want others to know that if they ever want to ask a question about blindness, don't feel afraid to do so. I would rather a person ask than speculate. Furthermore, if I can help with any Internet marketing quiries, or if I can recommend another strategy to make the experience of Internet marketing easier and better for someone, I will be happy to do so.



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Welcome to 5 Star, reina.

I am glad you found us and decided to become a member.

This is a very friendly community, so I'm sure you will enjoy yourself here.

I don't think there is too much wrong with being addicted to internet marketing. I am sure there are a few among our membership who are also addicted.

Linda Buquet

He reina,

Welcome to 5 Star. I found your story to be very inspirational and it almost brought tears to my eyes. Your drive to be successful and overcome the odds by working the web as a blind person should really be motivating to others.

Love the fact that you are so willing to help people since what goes around really does come back around. Glad to have you as part of our community!