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Greetings from Texas.....


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Hello All,

My name is Missy...I'm new to this whole affiliate marketing concept....Was doing some surfing and ran across this site. :D Hopefully, I'll get feedback from real, live people.

I'm very interested in the whole online marketing/affiliate program concept, but haven't a clue as to where to start. To be honest, it's been a bit overwhelming browsing through all the affiliate programs. It seems the gurus all say a lot of the same thing, but don't really give, in my opinion, pertinent information for a true novice like myself. I mean, I just learned to cut and paste, okay. :p

I've contemplated ordering up some e-books on various affiliate programs, but again, choices, choices. and I've got to be cost conscious here.

I did jump out there and bought the google cash e-book. I've found it to be quite informative, but a bit confusing compared to some other stuff I've read.

Some experts say it's absolutely necessary to have a website, landing pages, etc. to be a successful affiliate,while others say you don't even need a website...What to do...what to do!!!

I've also heard that some affiliate programs don't know that you can promote their site with adwords, as they want you to have a website before being accepted into their programs....blah, blah...blah!!

Can someone talk to me in elementary terms, here? Am I getting in over my head or can a novice like myself, really learn to do this?

Welcoming all feedback...the good, the bad and the TRUTH!!

Warmest Regards,


Linda Buquet

Hi Missy,

Welcome to 5 Star. You have lots of learning to do but yes it can be done.
I have carpal so can't write a book in this post, which is what it would take to give you all the info to get started.

So here's a good thread for starters.

Read all the other threads where oter newbies asked how to get started and that should provide some valuable info. The most important thing IMHO to do is niche research and picking the RIGHT niche. Don't start off with Clickbank, Internet Marketing ebooks, web hosting and other heavily competitive markets.


There is a large learning curve for someone who is new. Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

Don't jump into promoting just anything.
Do as much research as you can to find prospects who are in the "ready to buy" stage of the buying cycle. These are people who have a problem looking for a solution.

With Chrismas commng there will be the surge for the "IN" toys such as the Nintendo WII (we). Here is a group that will be desperate to find it. This is just one example. Keep on the look out for other ideas

If you go to google trends you can see if the market is on the rise or on the way down. It's better to find the ones gaining popularity.

Best of luck