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Greetings and General Question


Hi Everyone,

I run a new website and have also signed up as an affiliate with one particular provider. I'm starting to research other affiliate programs that are synergistic with my site, but am overwhelmed at all of the various resources available here.

I'm looking for affiliate programs that target things that midlife men would be interested in - like dietary supplements, hair restoration, ... basically anything of this sort that is decent. MY QUESTION - is there a good or best way for me to search this site for information on affiliate programs that complement my site, or do I need to weed through the Top 50 Affiliate Directory or ????

ANOTHER QUESTION - I have done a forum search on the one affiliate that I already signed up with, and it came up with no results ... which is hard to imagine. I also located another affiliate program - which I searched on, and again it came up with no results. Am I doing something wrong??? Is there a better way to search for comments on particular affiliate programs?

Okay - thanks in advance for anything you can tell me!



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Joe Bucks, which is a 5 Star client, could have what you are looking for. Here is a link to Joe Bucks in case you want to check it out Affiliate Program by Joe Bucks

There are some things which are posted here at 5 Star which for one reason or another can't be found.

I can't really comment on why you couldn't find the programs you were searching for since I don't know which ones they were.


I can't really comment on why you couldn't find the programs you were searching for since I don't know which ones they were.

Am I allowed to mention by name the two affiliate programs I cannot find using the search? I assumed that would be forbidden. ;o)

Linda Buquet

Hi gmlb,

Welcome to our world. Yes you can mention them if they are 5 Star programs I can help point you in the right direction, answer questions or whatever you need.

"do I need to weed through the Top 50 Affiliate Directory"

Well it's not too hard to get through and all the programs have descriptions so its the best place to look. Some of the programs in the directory may not be here because the outsourced management companies and network I represent each have a ton of programs under their management that arent my direct clients, but they are client's OF my clients. (Complicated). Anyway they are all listed on the directory.

Yep Jope Bucks is an excellent one for your niche. Good catch Larwee! Another good one for your niche may be Gaiam, managed by AMWSO. They have lots of fitness products including TaiChi and stuff men would like. Gaiam lifestyle, healthcare and personal development Affiliate Program

Also if you aren't just into mens health issues on your site, AMWSO also has <a href="">KegWorks</a> and <a href="">Deluxe Grills</a> and <a href="">DriveWerks</a>.

I'm sure some of the PartnerCentric and ShareResults programs may be a good fit too.

Affiliate managers at all my client companies are very helpful too so after you join ask for help if you need it.

Linda Buquet

Oh cool Greg. Glad that helped clarify things for you.

OH also AMWSO, PartnerCentric and ShareResults, my 3 clients that each have
numerous affiliate programs under their management ALL HAVE FORUMS HERE TOO.
So if you have question about any of their programs you can also ask here.


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Hi Greg,

Great to see you here!

Please do feel free to reach out to any of the AMWSO Managers to get their feedback and thoughts, that's what they are there for. We have a fair selection of health and fitness programs, including Gaiam, Billy Blanks, The Firm, Denise Austin, Sonoma Diet, South Beach and Jillian Michaels , lost to choose from :D

Billy and the Firm are very exercise focused , the other 4 are more diet targeted. I use Sonoma myself, lost 15 Kg with it :)


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