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Great Eats - Share your Fav Foods

Linda Buquet

One thing most webmasters and affiliates that work on their duffs all day have in common is a love for GOOD, quick easy food. I'm short on time but LOVE good food.

So I thought we could all share great food we like or new things we try.

I just had these AWESOME Lemongrass Chicken Stix from Trade Joes. Find them in the freezer.
Super unique tasting Thai flavored Spring Rolls. Fry or bake - ready in a few minutes.

My FAV Pizza. Round Table Wombo Combo ROCKS!
Primo pepperoni, Andouille and hickory sausages, crisp bacon, Portabella mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts and green onions. Baked with a blend of 3 cheeses on our Zesty Red Sauce.

So how bout you? Home cooked recipes, store bought goodies, fast food, delivery? Share your favs so other hard working Internet marketers can eat good quick food too! :p