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Google disables 3rd party AdSense click trackers

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by Larwee, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Larwee

    Larwee <b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator< affiliate

    For some reason, it looks as if Google has disabled 3rd party AdSense click trackers. It seems as if it happened around the same time as Google eliminated those Made For AdSense (MFA) publishers. This is causing some to believe the two might be connected for some reason.

    Google very often doesn't tell people very much and that causes them to try to guess the reasons behind things that Google does.

    In this case Google might have plans to offer this information to publisher themselves, Google might want to make it more difficult for publishers to obtain the information they were getting, this could be something that wasn't done on purpose and just happened as a result of something else Google did, it might have something to do with new features to help AdWords advertisers or it may be none of these.

    Eventually more will probably be known. But for now, all people can do is speculate.
  2. newbidder

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