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1. Monitor Google Rankings to Measure Your SEO Success
SEO is a complex and fast-paced industry and, especially with content marketing, it is often hard to measure the actual success and failure of a campaign. Social signals (increase/decrease of followers, likes, shares and interactions with „fans“) can give you only a broad idea of how your website or brand is performing. Even the sheer number of backlinks is often not enough to successfully measure the results of your online marketing strategies.

2. Research and Monitor Keywords Relevant to Your ROI
If you do not rank for your most relevant keywords, you will experience a decrease in organic traffic, which will then affect your lead generation and eventually sales and revenue. Because keywords matter, it is necessary to stay informed of ups and downs; especially if your keywords are about to leave or enter the Top Ten.

3. Find low-hanging Fruits and Make the Most of Them
Low-hanging fruits are your best friend! One of the most pressing reasons, why you should monitor your Google rankings is the actual benefits you can get from discovering low-hanging fruits.

With the help of a keyword monitor, you are able to track (in real time) the keywords that rank on crucial – “turning point” – positions. These would be position 4-10 on the first page or those keywords that are close to the top of the second page.

4. Stay on Top of Things: Divide Your Keywords Into Different Categories
A ranking check will allow you to divide relevant keywords into several groups and make it easier for you to track them. You could employ categories according to quality (low, medium, high), topic area (blog, product, marketing) or importance (high, low).

5. Keyword Monitoring Tools save time for other tasks
Let a monitoring tool do the work that you would normally do by yourself. You should ideally not waste any time by manually checking your keywords with Google search and then spend hours with tedious work on excel spread sheets.

By implementing a keyword tracking tool, you have more time to analyze the actual results and then optimize your workflow accordingly. Keep in mind: the findings and alerts of monitoring software are only as good as the consequences and next steps you draw from them.

In the end, you should monitor Google rankings with a special tool in order to make your workflow simpler and more effective, not the other way around.


Google analytic is a traffic analyzer. The program lets us understand the traffic source (which website is bringing traffic), traffic location (where are the visitors based), keywords(which keyword attract visitor), browser (which browser are the visitors using),device (laptop, mobile, tablet) etc.

Shantanu Roy

Google Analytics is the basic tool offered by google which every SEO person must know how to use.
Before moving on to Third Party Tools try to get used to the ins and outs of Google Analytics.