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Google Adwords vs Yahoo PPC?


New Member
Has anyone here tried both ,and is there a big difference in the conversions between the two? Right now im currently using Google Adwords ,and i have had a lot of success over the past year ,but i have yet to try Yahoo PPC .

I have heard that Yahoo gets better conversions ,but the cost per click is more expensive.

Linda Buquet

Hi Melissa,

I think which is best probably depends somewhat on your niche.

I use both for driving traffic here to 5 Star. My problem is that since I'm not selling anything I can't track conversions. I also can't tell how many affiliates join the forum or any of my clients affiliate programs due to PPC so for me it's a little like working in the dark, hard to judge effectiveness of any of my marketing campaigns.

I can only see how much traffic I get, not how well it converts. Which for me is fine, since it's purely an ad spend and branding. As long as I use highly targeted keywords it works for me.

I prefer Google though and I don't trust some of the traffic I get through Yahoo partners. I turned content network off but still am getting traffic from some sites that I don't really want to advertise on.

Have you tried MSN? I've heard their traffic converts best of all, there just isnt as much volume. I advertise there too.

I HAD been pretty willly nilly about my PPC campaigns. Added some words to one, deleted some from another, they were each different.

Just recently I cleaned up and added to a master KW list and put the same list to all 3. So now when I compare stats in a couple weeks I'll be able to compare and judge traffic, CTR and CPC easier, but alas still won't know conversion numbers.


I've only used Yahoo, but Like Linda, I mainly use it for driving traffic so I don't track conversions. I can tell you one thing, Yahoo's control panel could stand some simplifications if you ask me. I've heard from others that Google is much cleaner. I remember reading about someone who started using Yahoo PPC after being a long-time AdWords user and they were very disappointed in Yahoo's layout for managing campaigns. But I've gotten used to it. :)

Haven't looked into MSN but that will be my next stop.


New Member
Thanks for the information.

Im going to try and test out Yahoo PPC and see how it goes. Start off with a small budget in the beginning.