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Google Adwords PPC - Urgent Help!!!!


Hey there,

Hope you all are doing well. I recently developed a website around a niche. Now, when I had looked for my estimated Cost and Average position it was something like .15 would give me a position between 4-6 in Google.

So, I started a campaign. But, to my surprise - my average position was 22-26, not 4-6. What should I do now??

Especially, when I use the traffic estimator in google using my keywords, it still tells me that my position would be 4-6. But it is 22-26.

OMG, its killing me. I just don't get it. It could be that my the landing page should be relavant to my ad. Its like 60% relevant. I'll try and make it even more relevant.

But, is there something that I could be missing. Its extremely disapponting, especially when you work hard on the basis of that low cost advertising can potentially give you good results, and then you see that it wasn't true.

I'll try and increase the bid on the keyword to see if the position improves, but that's not what I want. Especially, when the keyword tool shows me a great position for low cost.

P.S - I used "Joomla" to develop my website. And, if you are familier with Joomla, then I have some articles on the frontpage that have images which are clickable, and relevant text ofcourse to take my visitors to merchant's site.

Hope to hear from someone soon.


Google Adwords

Hi Ayush

Suggest you contact Google Support Team for clarifications. My experiences with them has been nothing short of efficient in their replies. It has help me many times in similar situations.

Good Luck!


Hey guys,

Thanks for the response. I will read those two articles that Linda just posted. Things improved a little bit after I played around with the page on which user lands after he clicks my ad.

Also, I did some keyword optimization etc etc on my website. It looks fine for most of the words. The quality score of the words range from mostly "Great" to "OK". None of them are bad.

I will read few more tips, and contact Google if needed. Thanks for the help and support.


Adsense Reply to my Email

Hey there,

Alright, so I e-mailed Adsense on myself not getting the position I prefer. I am posting their reply, because I feel its helpful in general terms as well. So here it is:

Hello Ayush,

Thank you for your email regarding your campaign.

I understand that you are concerned because some of the keywords in your
ad group are not ranked in the position that the Keyword Tool
predicts. I apologize for any frustration you may be experiencing with
this issue.

Please allow me to resolve this issue for you today.

In this email, I will explain the way our Keyword Tool works and why its
predictions may not always be accurate.

Additionally, I will explain position preferences and how you can exert
influence on the position in which your ad appears on the Google Network.

Finally, I will explain a bit about positioning and Ad Rank and offer you
some suggestions for improving the positioning of your keywords.


The Keyword Tool is a useful tool for helping you discover keywords that
may be related to your account. However, this tool is not guaranteed to
produce keywords that will improve your campaign's performance. In
addition, all keywords you add to your keyword lists are subject to review
according to both our editorial discretion and policies, which are applied
outside any data the Keyword Tool may return on a given search.

Another issue is some of the terms may not be relevant for you. We
recommend that if you find any results that don't relate directly to your
ad group, it's a good idea to add them as negative keywords.

Additionally, in your case, the keyword tool may not always an accurate
predictor of an ad's position. The Keyword Tool does not take the
individual performance or content of your existing ad(s) into account when
returning keyword alternatives.The alternatives you may receive for your
submitted keywords are not edited to ensure that we provide the most
accurate representation of Google search behaviors, and of what keywords
may trigger your ads.

While the Keyword Tool can suggest positions for certain keywords at
certain prices, please be aware that these suggestions are neither
guaranteed nor developed on the basis of all the factors that effect


Position preference lets you tell Google where you'd most like your ad to
be ranked among all the AdWords ads on a given page.

If you find that your ad gets the best results when it is ranked (for
example) third or fourth among all AdWords ads, you can set a position
preference for those spots. AdWords will then try to show your ad whenever
it is ranked third or fourth, and avoid showing it when it is ranked
higher or lower. If your ad is ranked higher than third for a given
keyword, the system will automatically try to lower your bid to place your
ad in your preferred position. However, it won't raise the maximum bid you
set. Position preference has no effect on your overall budget

Please note that position preference does not mean that we can always put
your ad in the position you specify. The usual AdWords ranking and
relevance rules apply. If your ad doesn't qualify for the first position,
setting a position preference will not move it there. Position preference
simply means AdWords will try to show your ad whenever it is ranked in
your preferred position, and to avoid showing it when it is not.

Position preference also doesn't affect the overall placement of AdWords
ad units on the left, right, top or bottom of a given page. It only
affects your ranking relative to other ads within those units.

If you'd like to set position preferences, you can get full step-by-step
instructions here:


Your ad's position on Google and the search network varies per keyword and
is determined by your matched keyword's cost-per-click (CPC) bid and
Quality Score on Google in relation to other advertisers' CPC bids and
Quality Scores.

For example, if your ad appears in position 2 but another advertiser's ad
running for the same keyword and match type has a higher CPC bid and
Quality Score, the ad will move to position 2 for that keyword match. Your
ad will move to position 3. Therefore, as you and other competing
advertisers change their keyword CPCs or their keyword's Quality Score
changes, your ad position will be affected.

Since all of these factors are not taken into account by the Keyword Tool,
this helps to explain why this tool may not provide an accurate portrayal
of of positioning.


To improve the position of your ad, you can increase your CPC bid and/or
refine your ad text and keywords to help increase your Quality Score.

I reviewed your ad group, and developed a few suggestions that
you might use to improve your performance:

1) You might consider dividing your keyword list for the ad
group,'Keyword (Name Removed)', into multiple ad groups by theme. For instance, one ad
group could cater to users who are searching to buy a 'Keyword' and another
could target users who are specifically searching for a Keyword.

This enables you to reach the most relevant and highly targeted users and
can simultaneously improve your Ad Rank.

You can also assign a unique URL to each product-specific keyword to
ensure your customers arrive immediately at the most relevant pages for
the keywords they're searching. You can edit individual keyword URLs by
clicking 'Edit Keyword Settings' above your keyword table.

Also, consider using keyword matching options to help ensure your ads show
only on searches relevant to your product or service. To learn more about
building a targeted keyword list, visit

2) You also might want to include a call to action in your ad text (such
as 'buy' or 'sign up') so users understand exactly what they should do
when they reach your site. This often improves sales and clickthrough

To learn more about optimizing your ad text, visit

3) Bidding strategically and increasing some of your maximum CPCs might
also improve the success of your ad group. Since the 'Keyword' is a popular
product for which many advertisers may be bidding on related keywords, it
is especially important to evaluate each of your keywords for the costs
they incur versus the revenue they bring in. Try increasing the maximum
CPCs of your most profitable keywords and decreasing the maximum CPCs of
the keywords that have high costs and low returns. Learn more about
strategic bidding at

Please visit our Help Center for more information on improving positioning
and Ad Rank:

Linda Buquet

Thanks for posting Ayush. Very helpful!

Funny, so often we try to give advice when sometimes the best advice
is "go to the source and ask them!" They really did give a nice in-depth answer.

Really appreciate you sharing what you learned so others can benefit too.