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Goodoboy's 2nd Campaign Results

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by goodoboy, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. goodoboy

    goodoboy Affiliate affiliate


    Below is my 2nd campaign results.

    Date run: Sunday about 2pm central
    Offer: USA Apus Launcher Android Install
    Traffic Source: Pop Ads (Pop Under traffic) USA traffic only
    Campaign Stats: Screenshot by Lightshot
    Landers stats: Screenshot by Lightshot
    Tracker: Voluum

    Lander Comments:
    1. Page 2 Lander had more clicks. I believe this is due to a 10 second timer redirect to offer.
    2 Page 1 did not have a timer redirect. Click to go to offer.

    My Thoughts:
    1. I am happy my campaign setup was with no errors, I finally setup and its moving.
    2. I am not too happy 7,446 visitors, and only 329 clicks. So I am bit concerned my lander was not straight forward enough or interesting or too many words or not simple enough.
    3. Even though the campaign was not profitable, I am happy I got the campaign running and the ability to track.

    My Pathforward:
    1. This my 2nd campaign, I have no marketing experience, just learning on my own for the most part and being attentive. Working a full time job and dedicating the time to my affiliate business is the most challenging part. I keep on going.
    2. I will review the data I collected from this campaign and move forward.

    1. How much traffic do I need to run per campaign to get a real data to make a decisions for the next testing? 10k?
    2. Any path forward advice, comments, or suggestions.

    Thank you all.
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  2. newbidder
  3. gci1987

    gci1987 Affiliate affiliate

    1.POP under for apus offer, I don't know if it is allowed by the advertiser, if not and if you got caught, your money will be hold (-100% roi), the company behind this offer is found by the former CEO of 360(antivirus), and is often being said not paying its affiliate network(so you can't get money).

    2.From your stats I learnt something at least, pop under traffic for such kind of offer performed really bad, I haven't tried using pop ads to promote CPI offer but from my experience I use banner ads(which is a little bit expensive), have higher conversion rate than pop ads when I did direct linking.

    3.It's better that you try some ads that have some misleading ingredients in it but make sure to get it approved before using it, or you will not be paid as well.

    4.I'm doing CPI offer right now and the results are bad as well, hope we can learn something and share something with each other.
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