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Good and bad of App Booster Installs

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by codejacks, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. codejacks

    codejacks Active Member affiliate

    Well I have come across many 10cent CPI booster app install networks that shout 'We will promote your app, increase its rankings, drive hundreds and thousands of downloads for 10 cents.'.
    Many people here at affiliatefix mistook that they are the ad networks or agencies that run app installs.But clearly to clarify to those who all are mistaken they are neither adnetworks nor agencies, but Incentive based app runners who run apps such as morepoints,tapporo,cashforapps etc etc.

    Good things about App Boosters.

    1. If you have an app, your app download count can be brought up by driving such installs.
    2. Your app can even get a better quality factor in google rankings.
    3. You can sell your app or game at a higher price in source code sites.
    4. You can recycle this idea with hundreds of apps.

    Bad Things about App boosters.

    1. The downloads are counted, but the user never opens them or opens them only once.
    2. The retention time for such apps is so less that they even get removed within a day or two.
    3. Affiliate links are not supported as this 200% comes under Incentive CPI.
    4. Affiliate links are not accepted by the so called boosters since it will reduce their income, and being incentive runners, they only run those 10cent installs after all such networks and offers are dried out from their kitty.
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