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GoldenCan Datafeed Storebuilder???

Linda Buquet

Hi All,

I was just getting ready to blog about this, but thought I would post it here 1st and see what you guys think. Anyone using it?

Some of us have been discussing GoldenCan on the affiliate manager forum for awhile. I personally think many affiliates will be leary of a "Click Share" program where someone else controls the clicks. "One of every four clicks driven through's program is credited to GoldenCAN's affiliate link, leaving the remaining three to be credited to the user. "

I also find it VERY interesting that they show all their affiliate's site URLs on their demo page considering most affiliates don't want this info disclosed and dont want other affiliates to see what they are doing. Very interesting! A super LOUD, outspoken affiliate who always used to PREACH against the use of datafeeds is using this tool. I kinda thought he was probably anti-datafeeds because he did not know how to use a datafeed - hence the beauty of tools like this.

Still it's a needed tool that will save affiliates time. Here is yesterday's press Launches Store Integration Program for Affiliate Marketers

So what do you guys think about the click share idea? Some pretty big merchants are being added. Anyone using it yet?


I've been considering it, but I'll take a closer look after I finish this move. Our landlord gave us 30 days notice a few weeks back so his daughter could move into the condo. Fortunately we found a house about 5 miles down the road, so it's not a big move, just inconvenient considering all we've been through the past few months and that we've only been in the condo for about 6 months.

It's an interesting idea, at least. I need to see how it's implemented and such, which I haven't paid attention to because it doesn't fit into the pre-move schedule.


the idea is not new....

I personally have reservations about this particular "program" because this company just appeared on the seen and everyone seems to be falling all over this guy...

the AM's that seem to be his biggested supportors are the ones... that always under deliver to the merchant and the affiliates.. yet seem to enjoy a lot of support because of past acheivements...

I do know about our parrot loving friend who has said he is going to use selected programs... through Golden Can.... infact he has said what a great idea he things it is... (wonder why?)

for now I'm on the fence with this one... let's see how things shake out...



Nope...don't like it. Here's my two reasons, number two being the biggie.

1. Affiliates are already the middle man as it is. Adding another middle man who takes an additional 25% of your total profits is not that enticing to me...regardless of the thousands of products, coupons and whatever else you can display.

Attention Affiliates! No need to know XML or XSLT. Saves Your time. Just a couple of lines of code and you are DONE :)
Well that doesn't do diddly squat for web site optimization. The code is generated via javascript so it does nothing for you search engine optimization since javascript is invisible to search engines.

Unless you site get TONS of traffic I don't think the average affiliate will benefit well from this program.

Just my 2 cents.

P.S. Very soon I will be releasing a tool ALL affiliates and even merchants can benefit greatly from....

Linda Buquet

I had some of the same thoughts you did Stephen, especially about the Java.
The one thing Java does do is prevent SE dup content penalties since spiders can't read it. But if you need the content for spiderfood then it does not work.

Can't wait to see what you are coming up with Stpehen. You know if it helps both affiliates and merchants I will be your biggest fan and promoter.