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Getting Instant Traffic from YouTube Video

2nd on shorts. I would also say to create videos that create opportunities. What I mean is that you can use tools like Tubebuddy to come up with videos in your niche and also see if many people have created videos like it before. If not and it has a lot of keyword traffic, might be a good idea. Also, it can be a good idea even if there are competitors if you can do it better and it's not super saturated.

The other thing I would mention is that the video quality should really be there. Taking extra time to create videos and make sure the cuts are really good, viewers aren't getting bored, and it's not too long or short is key. It takes consistent effort but I hope that makes sense. You'll learn as you go.
Generating instant traffic from YouTube videos can be challenging, but it's possible with effective optimization, compelling content, and strategic promotion. Consistency, engagement, and understanding your target audience are key factors for success. Good luck
Well you can use shorts or if you use long videos you need to have very good skills to rank your videos fast to get traffic and also to have a very good niche
Achieving immediate traffic from YouTube videos may pose a challenge, but it's achievable through efficient optimization, engaging content, and strategic promotion. Success hinges on consistency, active engagement, and a deep understanding of your target audience. Best of luck!