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Get paid ?40/$76 for promotting of our Global Loyalty Program

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by korunex, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. korunex

    korunex Guest

    Korunex.com is excited to announce a new affiliate program which pays ?40/$76 per business sign up.
    Korunex.com has launched a new Global Loyalty Program.
    How it works:
    - a business can advertise their offers, discounts and promotions on our website http://www.korunex.com to shoppers
    - shoppers then can search in our directory for all discounts/offers/promotions by category, product, town, country etc.
    - business to business section allows to other businesses to offer their services and products to an another business
    What businesses can advertise on Korunex.com their offers?
    - any business from anywhere around the world as this is a Global Loyalty Program
    - could be a hotel, restaurant, solicitor, online shop/store, off line shop/store, plumber, *** shop (no porn websites), SEO companies, affiliate companies, marketing, advertising companies......any type of business you can think of!
    It's very similar to yell.com. The difference is that on yell.com a business advertise their business but on Korunex.com a business advertise their offers with a direct link to their website, location and telephone.
    Anyone interested please visit our affiliate section http://www.korunex.com/affiliate.php


    Jan Petrovic
    Affiliate Support Manager
  2. cpalife

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