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Geek Affiliates - These tips are for YOU!

Linda Buquet

I used to sell computers for a living. Whenever I would bring out the techy geek to answer a question, he would blow my sale or seriously set me back to square one. Everyone knows that buyers buy on emotion and we should sell benefits, not features. However, I still know lots of affiliates that are techies and don't quite get the psychology of sales and marketing.

<img src="" alt="computer geek" align="left" hspace="10" width="240" /> So here's an article from Eric Giguere's Geek Affiliate Blog that offers some tips for all you geek's out there.

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Top 10 Reasons Geeks Fail at Online Marketing - GeekAffiliate</a></strong>
<blockquote>"If you?re a geek, scoffing at sales and marketing is almost a badge of honor. But geeks often fail miserably at online marketing, whether it?s affiliate selling, content monetization, or product creation and promotion. Here are the top reasons why geeks fail at Internet marketing and some ideas on how to change failure into success."</blockquote>
If you are a geek, fess up and tell us about your trials and tribulations as an affiliate trying to play the marketing game.


Love the article, Linda! It's very true that people buy based on emotion. I consider myself part geek, but when it came to buying my most recent cell phone, I didn't care about the technical features - just that it looked pretty. Now guess who's paying the price of poor reception, horrible phone book functionality, and other such wonderful things? :p

I think the best point in the article is the part about "Thinking ?if I build it, they will come?." Unfortunately this is simply not true, and knowing how to market your site is key! Luckily affiliate managers can help new affiliates with that. :)