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Garnering Mobile Traffic

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Viktori, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Viktori

    Viktori Affiliate affiliate

    I've been thinking about starting a new blog that would cater mostly to mobile browsing and pretty much everything relating to it including smartphone tips, information, freebies, apps, etc. I was wondering if it was possible to target mostly smartphone and tablet users, since I assume they will be the target audience of my blog anyway. Are there any differences with marketing to mobile browsers rather than desktop ones? Or would it be better to just apply standard marketing practices and hope for the best? Should I know of any tools or sites that would serve better for smartphones and tablets over desktop computers or laptops?
  2. Voluum
  3. StevenF50

    StevenF50 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm no expert in mobile websites nor marketing them. However I have an idea which I have seen blogs apply in the past to help generate traffic from mobile/tablet users. This is creating an app for your site. There are many people who will turn your site into an application for a reasonable price. After a quick search on my favored marketplace I found a service which does this (http://www.seoclerks.com/Other/101034/-convert-your-website-into-an-android-app). Once your app is created you upload it to the store for free and start looking into ways of marketing applications.
  4. sb123

    sb123 Affiliate affiliate

    SEO, Marketing, and advertising factors remain almost the same for desktop and mobile markets. The main factor that assists the site to become popular in the mobile users segment is the site design itself. Making the site totally mobile compatible and cater to all available devices, with simple design, better images, better call of actions, easy access including minimal moving around the site will help the users to 'stick' to your site. The most attractive content must always be on top, and the site must load as fast as it can. The user should easily be able to contact your representative either by text or through phone. All these factors, and a lot many, will help your marketing and advertising campaign succeed in getting mobile users to convert faster. Along with the site design, the "Know your potential customer, know your competitors' strategies, and plan, develop, and execute better campaigns" will help you succeed in mobile market segments.
  5. henlus

    henlus Affiliate affiliate

    I am totally new to mobile website design. How can one make his website compatible with mobile phones? Are there software one can use?
  6. BruceBanner

    BruceBanner Affiliate affiliate

    Have you considered using a responsive theme? If you use wordpress or joomla, then responsive themes are easy to come by. They adjust themselves to your tablet and mobile audiences with little-to-no coding on your part.
  7. carlalexander

    carlalexander Affiliate affiliate

    I believe mobile marketing and websites is the next big thing, actually, studies have shown that more and more traffic to websites and blogs comes from mobile devices, and true to that study, when you take a look at you Google analytics statistics, you will notice that a significant amount of traffic comes from mobile devices. So I believe you are in the right path. Alternatively, you can make your website or blog compatible to mobile devices.
  8. Yorozuya

    Yorozuya Affiliate affiliate

    Basically, you need a design that looks good on all imaginable sreen sizes. Mobile devices can have a lot of different screen resolutions, and your site will have to look good on all of them. Apart from that you will want to make your layout as simple as possible, and adjust your font size to be readable on a mobile screen. You can do all of this with a bit of PHP and CSS. PHP can detect the user agent and you can make it so that if its a mobile device or tablet, then a different CSS file will be used. As for how do you make your site look good an all screensizes, just avoid using fixed width on your elements. For example, width: 800px; isn't good. Use width: 80%; instead. This way the element will take up 80% of the screen's width, be it a mobile screen or a normal one. You can do the same thing with pictures.