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Announcement Free Spy Tool for adult advertising - Spyteg

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Spyteg, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Spyteg

    Spyteg Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Welcome for beta testing service - Spyteg!

    Spyteg - service for monitoring and analytics adult advertising in 70 countries in 6 networks at this moment: Exoclick, Juicyads, TrafficJunky, EroAdvertising, TrafficStars, TrafficFactory.

    It easy to find profitable combinations of your competitors with powerful tool for analysis native, banner and video advertising.

    Create your free account now and feel all advantages of working with Spyteg. No credit card required.

    Ready-made advertising campaign almost in your hands.

    Do you have a question? Keep in touch Skype: Support Spyteg or [email protected]
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Spyteg

    Spyteg Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    How are you?

    We are happy that you participate to free beta test in Spyteg.

    Are you satisfied with your work with tool?

    We hope that Spyteg helps you earning with your adult advertising.

    We out of beta now. Starting September 30 the price for Spyteg is $149 / month
    But you can pick it up for only $ 75 /month by using the discount 50%.

    Join now and start spying on your competitor's adult campaigns today!

    Have some questions or need help with service?
    Please, feel free to contact us:
    Skype: Support Spyteg
    Email: [email protected]

    Best wishes,
    Spyteg Team
  4. Spyteg

    Spyteg Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    I'm so glad you've joined Spyteg, and I'm sure you'll love it when you see how easy it is to analyse advertising campaign of your competitors.

    Let me show you 4 benefits to join Spyteg Professional:

    1- Unlimited base of native, banner and video advertising ads and landing pages, which helps you to searching successful advertising campaigns.

    2- Detailed analysis advertising by timeframe - look what was the most popular yesterday, last week, last month. For any period, which are you interested in.

    3- Feature Show Only New Ads - with this feature you can understand which advertising campaigns was launched recently. And analysis what hot in adult advertising these days.

    4- Feature Real trend - helps you to compare all views with views for selected parameters (timeframe, countries, devices) and you can understand which specific settings you should to set for your advertising campaign.

    These days you have a great opportunity to get access to all Spyteg features and data with 50% discount! ONLY for $75

    Get started
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  5. SpyOver

    SpyOver Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi, guys!

    Let us know, how was your work with Spyteg? What do you like or dislike in tool?

    Let me remind the latest results in Spyteg:
    • 70726 native ads
    • 101870 banner ads
    • 8861 landing pages
    • 5629 video ads

    If you didn't try Spyteg, you can do it now with free account - demo. No credit card requires.
    Please, feel free to ocntact us, if you have other questions:

    Skype: Support Spyteg
    Telegram: @SpytegSupportBot
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