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Free MSN PPC $$ and Training Video

Linda Buquet

Many affiliates think MSN is more affiliate-friendly and more affordable than the other 2 major Pay Per Click search engines. Some say MSN converts better as well, although depending on your niche, the traffic may not be as high as Google and Yahoo.

If you want to learn to capture the power of MSN Ad Center, you should check out <strong><a target="_new" href="">Jeremy Palmer's new FREE video training</a>. </strong> Most of you know about Jeremy, the "million-dollar affiliate" and owner of Quit Your Day Job. He knows his stuff and the video is very well done!

<a target="_new" href="">It's a free webinar</a> and he's also offering a $50 PPC advertising credit just for trying out MSN Ad Center. (For new MSN advertisers only.) There are no catches and no email is required to view the video, it's pure FREE training. Hat tip to <a target="_new" href="">Anik at Affiliate Classroom</a> for the head's up on this one.


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Hi Linda. You're right about the video from Jeremy. I spent some time watching it, (4 times actually) and it is indeed very good. I then went a signed up for the MS Adcenter program.

He mentioned the templates to load keywords. I highly recommend that anyone submitting an ad use the excel template. I tried loading KWs by copy/paste and found that only 100 at a time is allowed. To compound that problem you then have to go in and click each "phrase" and [exact] KW so that your KWs are more targeted.

However, if you use the excel template you can load 100s of KWs w/ targeting in one easy click. Also, you can place a cost bid on each KW before you load. (You can always change the bids later). You will save a ton of time with the template.

Luck to all
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Linda Buquet

Thanks RT, I seldome have time to read or watch the things I share with you guys. Too busy digging up more info to share. :p

SO it's ALWAYS really great to hear feedback from members about what they got out of the resources I share. Helps other members too! Thanks! :)